Bulgaria emerges as best-value destination for bargain-hunting holidaymakers

Eastern European country Bulgaria is the best-value destination for bargain-hunting British holidaymakers, a newly published Post Office travel money survey suggests.

According to the Post office survey, a basket of ten typical holiday spending items, including evening meals and drinks, cost merely £43 in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

Lack of suitable candidates affected employers’ ability to fill vacancies in March

Lack of suitable candidates is affecting employers' ability to fill vacancies in Scotland, according to a fresh report by the Bank of Scotland.

The jobs market kept on growing in March, albeit at a slower rate than the previous month. The Labour Market Barometer (LMB) also revealed that the number of people getting permanent jobs increased.

Ryanair Has Some Catching up to Do

In September a huge wave of negative publicity came the way of Ryanair the Irish airline when a traveller was charged 188 euro for flight switch when his children and wife expired in a fire in the

EU Financial Chief Promises to Crackdown High-Frequency Traders

Yesterday the financial chief of Europe assured measures to tighten up on high-frequency trading firms.

Today the politicians of Europe are expected to endorse fresh measures to curb HFTs or the high frequency trading firms that use data connections which are super fast to generate profit from whereabouts in the prices of security.

BlackBerry least wanted smartphone: survey

When it comes to choose a smartphone, Blackberry is the least desired, according to a fresh survey.

In the survey, which was conducted by Raymond James, people were asked which phone they would like to buy from the list of Blackberry, Android, and iPhone next time. The survey found a whopping 71.4 per cent people saying that they would never choose a BlackBerry.

Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple's iPhone once again emerged as the most popular handset, with just 19.7 per cent of the people surveyed saying they would never use this smartphone.

In 2012, 1.3 million EU citizens will be killed due to cancer

A new research has stated that as compared to earlier times there has been a decline in cancer deaths and in the European Union almost 1.3 million people will die of cancer.

Across the 27-country EU, a study was conducted to find out the rate of cancer deaths and it was seen that as compared to women, men were more likely to die from cancer and a significant amount of decline was seen in deaths due to breast cancer.