Danish parliament approves plan to bring at least 775,000 electric cars on roads by 2030

Danish parliament approves plan to bring at least 775,000 electric cars on roads by 2030

The Parliament of Denmark has approved a plan to bring at least 775,000 electric cars, including hybrids, on roads across the country by 2030 to reduce greenhouse gases of carbon emissions by more

Following Denmark’s Move to Curb obesity, UK Could Gain Benefit

For a nation like the UK, where a third of children and two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, will taxing junk food prove beneficial in trimming down waists?

Denmark is the first nation in the world, which has imposed tax on junk food. The country has shown signs that their obesity rate among children is diminishing, an achievement in past 60 years. But, their adult obesity rates are still high and the Government is putting efforts to curb the same.

TDC Agrees to Sell its Swiss Unit Sunrise for 3.3 Billion Swiss Francs

Analysts presumed that Denmark's TDC is going to boost its shares by 6% and ready to offer its stocks. Swiss unit Sunrise of TDC will also be sold as per the deal for 3.3 billion Swiss francs.

The Company confirmed Reuters on Thursday that on the advice of private equity firm CVC Capital Partners they have decided to sell Sunrise to funds.

TDC has signed a deal after the Sunrise was sold to the France Telecom's Swiss unit Orange by the Danish telecom operator. In April, Swiss regulators blocked the Swiss unit Orange, claiming that a two-player market will emerge through it.

Pain Killers Associated with Risk of Strokes

The co-author of a Danish study has suggested prohibiting the marketing of painkillers that pose threat of heart strokes in those people even, who prior taking those possess no symptoms of the disorder.

The common name of the drug is Voltaren, which comes under other brand names also, which aggravates the risk of strokes.

There is a component known as Diclofenac in Voltaren, which is as harmful as Vioxx, an arthritis drug that was recalled in Australia in 2004 over the risk of heart attack.

Better Place raises $350m from nine investors

Better Place, which supplies services for electric cars, has raised $350 million from nine investors including HSBC, Lazard Asset Management and Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

Better Place is building nationwide car-recharging networks in Israel and Denmark to assist electric cars manufactured by Renault.

Commenting on the topic, the company stated, "This is one of the largest investments made yet in the 'clean tech' sector. The value of Better Place is now estimated at $1.25 billion.”

Probe of Danish Pharmaceuticals Group Lundbeck Started by EU

As confirmed by the European Union antitrust officials, the agency has started an investigation into the possible anti-competitive behavior which is being displayed by the Danish drugs manufacturer Lundbeck, but the company is adamant that no laws have been broken by it.