Conference to be Held in October to Discuss Embryonic Stem Cell Research Issue

As many as 1,200 people are expected to participate at a conference that is slated to be held on 4-6 October. In the conference, issues like adult and embryonic stem cell research and other regenerative medical matters will be discussed.

The delegates will ponder over the role of Federal Government in stem cell research work. The researchers want that the Government should make available more funds for the embryonic stem cell research work.

D.C. imposes surcharge on disposable bags

District of Columbia has become the first major city in the US to slap a five-cent levy on disposable paper & plastic bags, which are distributed free of cost with consumers’ purchases.

The move will make consumers bear the burnt of clean up costs for the disposable bags, which congest drains and pollute rivers.

The new law took effect from the very start of the New Year.

Now shoppers at the food and alcohol stores must pay extra five cents for every disposable paper or plastic bag they take with the purchase.

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