UK startup Vertical Aerospace gets pre-orders for up to electric air taxis

UK startup Vertical Aerospace gets pre-orders for up to electric air taxis

Vertical Aerospace, an electric vertical take-off & landing aircraft (eVTOLs) startup, has announced that it has received pre-orders for up to 1,000 of its electric VA-X4 aircraft.

Hargreaves Lansdown Gains after Brief Decline

Hargreaves Lansdown, a web based financial service company situated in Bristol, overcome difficulties and registered growth on both the fronts valuable for a firm, and those are clients and profit.

For the first quarter, the company was suffering a turmoil in regard to its assets but in its second quarter, it showed a growth of 27% which amounted to £57.2 million profit. Overall, the net profit was found to be at 24% which amounts to £0, 68 billion. And, if to talk about client increase then this year has got additional 1,000 clients which made the number reach 8,000.

Stem Cells Yielded From The Leftover Veins From Human Heart Surgery

A University of Bristol team has successfully been able to grow and stimulate new blood vessels in mice, with the help of the stem cells extracted from the human veins.

It was disclosed by the research that the left over human veins from heart surgeries could prove to be a big solution to the heart problems.

Xenon Stops Brain Damage in Infant

According to a new research, cooling helps in reducing the effectiveness of brain damages in infants who suffer insufficiency of oxygen. Also, xenon is found to be rich in a chemical which provides a protective layer for the process.

Relying on the findings of the research, a suffering new-born baby was saved by xenon pumping.

The doctors explained that Riley Joyce, the baby, suffered a 50% scope of brain damage after being delivered by Caesarean without a pulse. They then used xenon to help cool his brain.