Austrian skydiver Peter Salzmann tests BMW’s 300 km/h electric wingsuit

Austrian skydiver Peter Salzmann tests BMW’s 300 km/h electric wingsuit

Expanding its reach to the skies, German luxury vehicle maker BMW has introduced an electric wingsuit that was recently tested by air sports pioneer Peter Salzmann.

Doctor treats Patients with Toxic Chemical Cocktail and claims his Innocence

The Austrian rooted medic, Dr Hellfried Sartori, diverts his guilt of having treated Australian patients with an illegal chemical mixture and blames other medical health responsible for their deaths.

The doctor maintains to believe in the value of his alternative cancer treatment that he lastly practiced in Perth in 2005. The questionable treatment method contains to prescribe heavy drug cocktails to cancer diseased patients.

Diverting the Pain into Color

A gene has been identified by the scientists, which had some connection with the mysterious condition synaesthesia and also played a very important role in the brain's processing of pain.

This discovery has now given rise to a probability that would now make the patients feel a sense of pain through smell or color. This new type of treatment hence would numb pain by re-routing its signals.

Telekom Austria crosses the 1 million mark

The fete marked by a local sports retailer in Egg town has led the Austrian telco Telekom Austria surpass the 1 million broadband subscriber mark.

Hannes Ametsreiter, general director of Telekom Austria Group on this eve commented, "10 years of broadband from Telekom Austria for us mainly resembles continuous investment into infrastructure and technology."

In addition to this 97% of Austrian households are now covered by the ADSL broadband network.

Second term Projected to be won by Austrian president

It has been reported that on Sunday, Austria's President is broadly projected to win a second term.

However, the elections are being observed as a measure of far-right feeling, gauged by how fine a politician who has under taken matters with the nation’s anti-Nazi law will do.

Votes have projected a clear victory for current Heinz Fischer, a Social Democrat, with Barbara Rosenkranz from the anti-foreigner and anti-European Union Freedom Party coming in a remote second.