RBA Keeps Rate Unchanged

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced the bank rates. It has informed that there will be no change in its standard rate. It would examine the upcoming impact on growth and rise of flooding across the nation's east coast as stated by RBA.

A survey was done by the Bloomberg News, it had included 22 economists. They have forecasted that Governor Glenn Stevens left the overnight cash rate target at 4.75 percent in Sydney.

Australians GPs told to stay out of Facebook

Following accusations of doctors' unethical behavior like making fun of patients online, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) which stated warnings doctors to be warned in making use of social networking sites like Facebook.

Australian newspapers recently claimed that NSW doctors had been caught abusing patients online and some labeling their patients to their online friends as “whingers” and “dissatisfied housewives”, while a few of the doctors were even found to have been mentioning names of their patients on social networking web sites.

Probiotics a detailed analysis

Probiotic yoghurts and yoghurt drinks might not prove vigorous as they are claimed to be - the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has stated.

However, no facts have been put claiming that there is a positive effect with regard to immunity and digestive system.

The producers of these products had been stated that these foods could help ease digestive irregularity and spruce of the immune system, as reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

Australians pledge to lose weight, debt

It was stated the finances sorted and losing weight are considered to be few of the pledges in case of Australians, a survey states.

Christmas seemingly has left a considerable amount of flab and claimed that weight is a priority for 60 per cent of survey group, the online research for a real estate advertiser says.

Another yearly resolution - quitting smoking – also comprises of highly, with 28 per cent stating that they needed to dump the habit, realestate. com. au claims. And comprises of the finances back in shape is another must-do.

Australian Supermarket Chain raises questions on Hormone-Free Beef

The organic mantra has been raging in the market region in case of Australia, Coles, a well renowned supermarket chain, has claimed to pull up on beef which has been spruced by growth hormones.

This proclamation has invited sent shockwaves in case of meat industry. Experts stated that increased beef prices as in case of more users seek for hormone-free meat, which takes up 50 percent of the beef traded in the country.

Farmers can easily employ hormone growth promotants (HGPs) to spruce up the muscle growth in cattle since 1979, which gained safety approval from health authorities.

Men spend more than women on Boxing Day

Men are about to spend more than women at the sales on this Boxing Day, as the NSW residents target at being the most frugal, as says a research.

Australians are going to place around $400 million on their credit cards, with approximately 60% of the sale buys to be spent on plastic.

This is almost equal to $213 for every one of the 18.7 million Australians owning credit cards, amounting to $399 million, as reported by the Lonergan Research.