Study: Long-acting Oral Pills Needed to Avert RRP in Teens

A study that has been published in the Medical Journal of Australia states that long-acting oral pills are required, so as to lessen the occurrence of pregnancy within two years of a teen bearing child for the foremost time, which is rapid repeat pregnancy.

The School of Women’s and Infants’ Health, and School of Pediatrics and Child Health, at the University of Western Australia’s, Research Midwife, Mrs. Lucy Lewis and co-Authors carried out a study amongst teen moms, in order to assess the forecasters of a return to sex and instance of RRP.

Queensland Health Dissolves Ties with ALP

Payroll problems at Queensland Health have put into force its pronouncement of undoing its relations with the Australian Labor Party, as informed by the Queensland Nurses Union.

Prior to the pay controversy, the nurses had decided not to go ahead with renewing of affiliation for the subsequent year.

But on the other hand, Gay Hawksworth, QNU Secretary said that the Government might possibly see it as a slap on its face.

She said, "I'm sure they will feel that way, particularly in view of the payroll debacle and the way that Queensland Health employees are feeling at the moment".

First-Ever Commercial Campaign of Alzheimer’s Australia

Alzheimer’s Australia has introduced its first commercial on Alzheimer’s that would be shown in prime time slots on the Seven Network for the next two weeks. It has already started its showcase on the channel last night. The commercial recommends the patients with the memory losses to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

The ad aims at creating awareness among people about Alzheimer’s and some kinds of dementia, so that they can address a related situation speedily either by contacting Alzheimer’s Australia on the National Dementia Helpline or by visiting their doctor.

NSW Nurses Demand for Improvement in Nurse-to-patient Ratios, Aimed at Improving Quality of Care

NSW nurses have demanded that the minimum nurse-to-patient ratios be implemented, so that, improved quality and satisfactory health care can be offered to the patients.

General Secretary of the NSW Nurses Association (NSWNA), Brett Holmes on Monday said that public hospital and community healthcare nurses, all were supporting the reform.

He said that if the reform was put in place, then this would be the biggest reform ever for the NSW public health program in almost a good number of years.

ACMA campaigns to make '1800' calls free from mobiles

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has launched a drive, asking to make '1800' calls free for mobile phone users.

Landline calls to “1800” can be made for free, but mobile phone users generally have to pay at a per-minute rate for making calls to 1800 services.

13 or 1300 services, which are also called local-rate services, generally charged at a fixed local call rate from landlines; however, these services are generally charged at a per minute rate from mobiles phones.

Google “Watch this space” branding campaign in Australia

Google has launched its “Watch this space” branding campaign in Australia to educate agencies and marketers about its display advertising platform.

“Watch this space”, which has been developed by Google’s Creative Lab and marketing team, is the internet search giant’s biggest branding campaign in Australia to date.

The campaign has been localized by digital agency Sputnik, while media planning and buying has been handled by PHD. It includes online, direct mail, print, and outdoor activity.

Foxtel to launch a string of channels later this year

Australian subscription TV provider Foxtel is going to launch a string of channels later this year, with 3D-only channel, called Foxtel 3D, to come on November 1, 2010.

The launch of Foxtel 3D will extend the content to movies, factual along with general entertainment programming.

The New Corp and Telstra-backed firm said its other upcoming channels will include Speed and Speed HD, MTV Hits and concert channels MTVN Live and MTVN Live HD.

In addition the Foxtel will launch Nat Geo Wild HD and BBC Knowledge HD. The firm will simulcast all the HD channels in standard definition.

90% of Youngsters Try Alcohol by 15

It has been revealed by the data gathered by the Australian Secondary Students Drug and Alcohol Survey that by the time young people turn 15, 90% of them try alcohol.

The figures reveal that each week one in every six teens aged 16 to 17 years consume alcohol at harmful levels.

It has been disclosed by Victorian Drug and Alcohol Prevention Council that in less than a decade the rate of binge drinking among adolescents aged 16-24 has doubled.

Mount Isa Contaminated with High Lead Levels

A recent test performed by Queensland Health on the soil samples taken from around homes in Mount Isa has given evidence related to the negative impact lead is posing on children in the Queensland mining town.

The tests have revealed that over 25% of the soil samples taken were found to bear levels of lead above the Australian safety standards, which can be detrimental to human health.

Queensland's Chief Medical Officer, Jeannette Young today confirmed in the Australian newspaper that Mount Isa mine is one responsible for the toxic emissions.

A Walk from Mudgee to Sydney for MS Patients

In an attempt to raise around $100,000, Mona Vale, Liz Melchior, Debbie Bird, Katrina Hemingway and Bronwyn Dowling would be walking for a distance of about 25km a day, in order to get ready for the 270 km Mudgee2Sydney fundraising event.

The event is basically a walk from Mudgee to Sydney, which would start on Sunday and would end on Wednesday. The amount of money collected, during the three days walk would be used to fund the researchers conducted to find cures and treatments for the Multiple sclerosis (MS) and to support the patients.


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