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BYD Invites Warren Buffett to China

On Monday, China's BYD greeted investor and supporter Warren Buffett, taking him to its China base, to show him their clean car plans.

The official Xinhua news agency accounted that BYD called over Buffett to Shenzhen for a signing ritual. The Company is all set to construct an energy storage power station with China Southern Power Grid.

By having a 10% interest in BYD, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been able to secure a good profit. It is reported that since 2008, when Buffett bought the stake for $230 million, revenues have surged almost seven times.

Economy Not yet in Recovery Mode: Warren Buffett

The business tycoon, Warren Buffett has in an interview stated that the American economy was not yet out of recession. He added that one way to prove that recession is still looming large over the economy is by studying most people and organizations in America.

Mr. Buffet felt that businesses in America were still not performing or earning revenues the way they were earning prior to the recession. His statements have come in sharp contrast to the opinion of economic experts, who had announced the end of recession on June 2009.

Bullish Assessment Made By Buffet States No Double-Dip Recession for The U.S.

America will not have to face double-dip recession, as stated by Warren Buffet, giving an optimistic evaluation concerning economic prospects all across the United States of America.

Two weeks ago, the veteran investor celebrated his 80th birthday, and on the previous night, he said that he could not see any intimidating signs, wherein, the monetary recuperation was going to face any form of setback.

Buffet informed that the firms that he owns have been taking in more number of people, in comparison to the previous year.

Buffett among cluster of potential bidders for RBS’ insurance business

American billionaire Warren Buffett is reportedly mulling over plans to table a bid for Royal Bank of Scotland insurance business Direct Line RBS as the Part-nationalised bank is appointing advisers to review options.

As per a report published in the Sunday Times, Mr. Buffett’s investment vehicle Berkshire Hathaway is among the cluster of potential bidders for the bank’s insurance business. The report also named US-based insurer Allstate as one of the potential bidders.

Warren Buffett’s Move to Make Billionaires Give Away Their Money

The campaign initiated by Warren Buffett would make many a billionaires to part with their surplus money. Mr. Buffet will take the assistance of Bill and Melinda Gates to persuade billionaires of America to donate half of their wealth for charitable purposes and to announce it publicly.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Buffet revealed how he made Larry Ellison to part with 95% of his wealth and to disclose it publicly.

Warren Buffett Helps Raise $4,500 for Charity

A big Dairy Queen ice-cream spoon bearing the signature of Warren Buffett was auctioned for $4,500 and the money will be given to charity. This is not the first time that Buffett has raised money for charity and he is well known for donating to various worthy causes.

EBay Inc. confirmed that 61 bids were received for the spoon since 21 July for the auction conducted on the Internet. The money raised will be given to Children’s Miracle Network, a charity that works to raise funds for children’s hospitals. There was no information on who was the winning bidder.

Gates and Buffet Urge Their Fellow Billionaires to Donate Half of Their Wealth

On Thursday it was reported that billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates urged their counterparts to donate half of their assets to charity.

In the past, both the billionaires have organized many dinners to talk about the impact of recession on charity. Many of the country's wealthiest people participated in the talks. These included New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Investors Ronald O. Perelman and David Rockefeller.

Charity Auction for Buffett Lunch Raises $2.63 Million

More than $2.6 million was raised in the eleventh annual charity auction that offered a chance of having lunch with Berkshire Hathaway Inc. CEO Warren Buffett on Friday. This year’s collection exceeded the mark of $2.1 million by investor Zhao Danyang in 2008.

The auction, organized online by eBay Inc., gives the collection to Glide Foundation, which is a charity serving the homeless in San Francisco's Tenderloin district.

Warren Buffett’s Lunch Auction Rose to $2.63 Million

In the 11th annual charity fundraiser, Warren Buffett’s lunch auction escalated to a record of $2.63 million, which is about 24% higher than the previous record set in 2008. The 2008 record was set when hedge-fund manager Zhao Danyang of Hong Kong paid $2.11 million.

According to EBay Inc., the opportunity of having lunch with the celebrated billionaire investor drew nine bidders and 77 bids. Denise Lamott, a spokeswoman for the auction beneficiary Glide Foundation in San Francisco, stated that the winning bidder wishes to remain anonymous.

18 Million Wal-Mart Shares Added by Buffett in Third Quarter

As a part of making significant changes to Berkshire Hathaway Inc's investment portfolio in lieu of the improving economic condition, Chief Executive Warren Buffett almost doubled the company's stake in Wal-Mart Stores in the third quarter of the current year by adding another 18 million shares of the retail store chain.


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