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Bill Gates meets several ‘CEO candidates’ to replace Ballmer

Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates has confirmed that he met with several `CEO candidates' to replace the software giant's outgoing chief executive Steve Ballmer.

Speaking at Microsoft's recently held annual shareholder meeting in Bellevue, Washington, Mr. Gates said he and the company's other directors met with "a lot of CEO candidates," but he did not name any candidates. He said that he would not give a strict timeline for a decision.

He thanked outgoing Ballmer and assured shareholders that they both remained committed to find the right person to run the company.

Steve Ballmer: Windows 8 OS and Surface creating “seam” between software and hardware

During the course of a Wednesday meeting at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that a "seam" has been created between software and hardware with the amalgamation between the company's latest Windows 8 OS and its own branded Surface tablet.

About the company's strategy pertaining to the creation of the Surface tablet and the new Windows 8 OS version powering the device, Ballmer said that the mentioned strategic move underscored a decision which Microsoft should have taken much earlier.

Microsoft clarifies Ballmer's claims of massive Windows 8 adoption

According to Microsoft, as well as in the opinion of analysts, the earlier-this-week reports about the company's CEO Steve Ballmer predicting unprecedented sales of the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system were incorrect on several counts.

However, while its has been clarified by Microsoft that Ballmer was either misunderstood or was misquoted in the reports, analysts fell that even if the `500 million' figure projected by Ballmer was more or less correct, the numbers hardly conveyed anything about the success of the OS upgrade.

Microsoft's Windows propels pleasant Q3 surprise

Reporting surprisingly strong results for the January-March quarter, Microsoft revealed on Thursday that it had witnessed a 4 percent increase – to $4.6 billion – in its revenue at Microsoft's Windows division, as compared to the same quarter last year figures.

With the reported results marking only the second time in the last six quarters that Microsoft’s Windows unit has registered a year-over-year gain, the company attributed the robust quarterly profit to the fact that an increased number of businesses had bought licenses for Windows 7.

New MS365 for small businesses

For allowing even the small businesses to be able to use the services of cloud computing, Microsoft has come up with Office 365. This is an office productivity suit which is based on cloud computing. The declaration of the same was done by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

The service is going to be completely online and is going to bring together Office to become collaboration and communications software. Main aim of the same will be to work specifically for the small and medium enterprises and is going to help them in competing with the larger players.

Microsoft Chief Ballmer should surrender his throne, says Einhorn

A famous hedge fund patron, David Einhorn, the chief of Greenlight Capital Fund has remarked that Steve Ballmer, the head of Microsoft Corporation should give up his position and let some other suitable person take his place. He also has outlook that it was Ballmer’s association with the company which was responsible for the largest hang over on the company’s share.

Microsoft releases Windows 8

Steve Ballmer, leader of Microsoft has come out with the latest version of his company's operating system- Windows 8. It is going to be available from 2012. The announcement was made during the Microsoft Developer Forum in Tokyo. Ballmer said during the event that it has taken a lot of effort from Microsoft to produce Windows 8.

There are also reports in the PC Magazine that say that the company is also going to hit the tablet computers segment soon as well. As for the features, no such information has come out till now.

Half of Microsoft employees not happy with Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s role as the head of the leading software firm in the world is approved only by half of the firm’s employees.

A fresh survey carried out by Glassdoor. com and cited by CNN Money showed that no less than 49 per cent of employees said that they do not think much of Steve Ballmer’s performance.

The researcher asked the employees to respond to the question, “Do you approve of the way this person [Ballmer] is handling the job of leading this company [Microsoft]?"

Windows 7 OS-based tablet devices will be launched this year: Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that the company would launch tablet devices running the Windows 7 operating system.

Ballmer said in his speech at the firm's annual World Partner Conference that Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Asus were some of the manufacturers that were working on Windows slate PCs. However, he didn't mention the precise date for the launch of tablet devices running the Windows 7 OS.

Microsoft Promises Partners New Devices

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer pledged a sports ground packed with Microsoft partners that, within next few months market would be hit by the Windows-based tablets. The Company is also working to get its Windows 7 smartphone OS to the market.

Mr. Ballmer commenced the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington D.C, with a keynote address, which requested the business partners to be with Microsoft, even in adverse circumstances, when the Company has not been able to keep up its presence in new device offerings.

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