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Nintendo unveils Miiverse social network for players of forthcoming Wii U console

In a streamed pre-E3 presentation on Sunday, Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata unveiled the Japanese game company's new social network - Miiverse - which has been designed for the players of its forthcoming Wii U video game console.

With Nintendo's main E3 conference scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the company released a 30-minute video on its website on Sunday. The video showed Iwata standing in Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters below the company's motto. The motto is written in Japanese calligraphy, and its English translation means "creating something unique."

Nintendo to Modify its 3DS Sale Strategy

According to reports, Nintendo’s company officials recently claimed that as retailing chain Tesco reduces the price to a complete half of its original pre-order price in wake of declining interest in the gadget, the company’s latest
3DS faced another cut.

However, many analysts claimed that this was the biggest Risky Game played by the Company official while the Company made a counter attack and asserted that in the past few months.

The Company officials found that the product sale was declining, so to again boost up the sale, hence they decided to modify the tender plans.

3DS may support 3D video recording: Nintendo president says

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that company's upcoming hand-held 3DS game console would some day be able to record 3D video.

Iwata added that the 3DS game console would use SD cards to enable 3D recording. The 3DS would be shipped with a 2GB SD card; however, the hand-held would support SD cards of up to 32GB.

Nintendo has already confirmed that the 3DS would come equipped with a 3D camera capable of capturing full 3D pictures.

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata to be Keynote speaker at GDC 2011

Satoru Iwata, president and chief executive of Nintendo, will be the keynote speaker at the 2011 Game Developers Conference, which will take place from February 28 to March 4 in San Francisco.

The title of the keynote is, "Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future". The keynote will provide a glimpse into the last 25 years of gaming and where the industry will head into the future.

3DS is not "dangerous": Nintendo’s president says

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata has defended company's soon-to-be released hand-held 3DS game console, claiming it is not a "dangerous" product.

Mr. Iwata's comments emerged following a recent warning from the side of the company that its 3-dimensional technology could hurt the eye sights of children less than six years of age.

Mr. Iwata said that the health-related warning on the imminent 3DS hand-held was meant to be a precautionary measure to inform customers.

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