Nicolas Sarkozy

UNESCO’S list includes French Cuisine

From last two years, fleet of French chefs, politicians including the French President Nicolas Sarkozy were working hard to place French cuisine into the UNESCO's world heritage list and at last on Tuesday, French cuisine captures its position in the UNESCO's list.

French cuisine represents a festive meal which brings people together to enjoy an occasion to enjoy the art of good drinking and eating.

UNESCO includes different cuisines and represents cultural diversities so now is the time for France to enjoy its victory, said by Catherine Colonna, the French Ambassador to UNESCO.

Debate over ''Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation''

In a recent debate on BBC One's Question Time, the Liberal Democrat has made some interesting remarks over the defence treaties. The British and French governments have signed some new defence treaties earlier this week. British Prime Minister David Cameron and the President of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy have signed a ''Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation'' on Tuesday.

Merkel shoves E.U. Treaty Alteration

Following eight years of backbiting over the most recent redraft of the European Union's convoluted treaty, the most recent thing the majority of its 27 countries wish is to perform the similar thing once more.

The query is whether they provoke inform that to the German chancellor. Mrs. Merkel, with the backing of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has insist modifications to the Lisbon Treaty, that approached into power less than a year back, to fortify administration of the euro.

Merkel and Sarkozy say the bank tax must go ahead

Both, the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy and the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, have called for a financial transaction tax and a global bank levy. Before a summit in G20, which is to be held later this month, both the leaders would call for these issues by writing a joint letter to the president of G20.

The Finance Ministers of G20 had shown their interest to cut the bank taxes earlier this month.

Sarkozy to Suffers Heavy Loss in French Regional Poll

French President Nicolas Sarkozy's centre-right party faces is revealed to face massive defeat in regional elections on Sunday, expected to affect the reform as its endeavours begins prior the 2012 presidential campaign.


The centre-right encountered the worst losses in years in the first round of the ballot, with Sarkozy's UMP party registering 26 percent compared to 29 percent for the Socialists and 50 percent for leftist parties combined.


Amazon Basin Countries and France to Meet Over Proposal for Copenhagen Summit

Presidents of 8 Amazon basin nations as well as the French President are all set to meet on Thursday in Manaus to discuss the save-the-jungle program and reach a common proposal to be better prepared for next month's UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen.