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Key Measures of Health Reform Law Went into Effect on September 23

On September 23, the major provisions of the new health reform law were implemented. The new law will deal with the prevention and coverage of adults and children.

The U. S. First Lady, Michelle Obama, expressed her gratitude towards nurses for spreading awareness among people about the Affordable Care Act.

Michelle Obama Highlights the Problem of Obesity in NAACP Convention

Michelle Obama attended the NAACP convention in Kansas City on Monday. In the conference, she said that when she was young, children did not eat all the candy straight way from the goody bag as they did not know when they would get another piece of candy.

However, she said that with the changing times, the dietary and exercise habits of children have also changed. Michelle Obama disclosed that as a kid she reached school by trekking rather than walking.

Michelle Obama Highlights the Military Service Members’ Problems at Camp Pendleton

Michelle Obama, the wife of US President, at the Camp Pendleton on Sunday stated that military families’ and the fighters’ contributions and the problems faced by them should be known to every citizen. She posed a challenge to every American saying that everyone should find out a way for helping the service members and their family members.

Obama first met the injured service members and their families in person, at the Marine Corps base. After this she gave a speech addressing about 3,500, including the troops from the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force located at the base near Oceanside.

Strict Measures Planned to Check Obesity in US

Michelle Obama is keeping her best foot forward to prevent obesity in children. She is making an attempt to reach parents with her campaign against obesity. Her campaign is called "Let's Move".

She is gathering scientific proof and also a connection is being made to military preparedness in America.

Senator Mark Udall has written to Mrs. Obama that around one-third of people in the age of 17-24 years are not fit to join military. The reason behind this is their excessive weight.

First Lady’s Plan for Childhood Obesity

In Washington, D. C., the local Department of Health calculates that 40% of kids are overweight or obese that is the maximum rate of childhood obesity in the United States.

So, the First Lady, Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Action Plan declared on Tuesday was welcomed here.

White House Task Force to Reduce Childhood Obesity

Fronted by First Lady, Michelle Obama, a new presidential proposal would upend the child obesity pandemic.

The White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity intends to diminish childhood obesity from 20% to 5% by 2030.

To achieve this, it has crafted 70 suggestions for early childhood, for parents and careproviders, for school meals and nutrition culture, for access to good food, and for rising physical activity.

US first lady joins husband to reform nation's health care

Michelle Obama, wife of US President Barack Obama has come forward to join her husband's campaign of reforming the nation's health care system.

The first lady was speaking on Friday to a gathering of women near the White House and said that the condition of the health care system in the US was unacceptable.

Michelle Obama, speaking as a wife, mother and daughter, urged women to play an active role in overhauling health care system.

Women often are charged more as compared with men of the same age for the same insurance policy.

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