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N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg launches bike share program

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday formally launched one of the world's biggest bike share programs allowing people to rent bikes to go around the Big Apple.

In the first phase of the network, six thousand blue "Citi Bikes" have been distributed among a total of 333 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Gradually, the network will be expanded to 10,000 bikes at nearly 600 stations.

Nearly 14,000 New Yorkers have reportedly already paid an annual subscription fee of $103 to get entitled to unlimited rides of 45 minutes.


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to Bar Food Stamps for Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

On Thursday, food policy experts said there may be some legal and political problems before Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, who has plans to stop the food-stamp receivers to utilise their benefits to purchase sugar-sweetened drinks.

On Wednesday, the New York City pushed the United States Department of Agriculture to give approval to carry out a two-year study to prohibit 1.7 million food-stamp recipients to spend on soda and other beverages containing added sugar.


Officials Demand Ban of Sugary Beverages from Food Stamp List

It has been anticipated that Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor David Paterson will raise an appeal before U. S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday to keep some beverages in the list that to be marketed without Food Stamps.

The nation's food stamp program is governed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. In New York, more than 8 million of the total 1.7 million inhabitants are on food stamps.

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