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Larry Page: For Android OS, Google used only parts of Java that are freely available

On Wednesday, on the third day of the trial in the Google-Oracle copyright-violation lawsuit, Google CEO Larry Page took the witness stand, and rebuffed the accusations that his company had not licensed the in-question Java technology, for using it to power its Android operating system.

Google CEO Larry Page betting big on social networking and mobile devices

Marking the first anniversary of his return to the helm at Google, the company's CEO Larry Page published a lengthy public letter on Thursday, giving an update on the strategy being followed by Google, as well as highlighting some of the conflicts faced by him after having completed one year as the company's chief.

In the letter posted at Google+ social network, Page said that his comeback first year as the Google CEO has largely been marked by "big bets" on social networking and mobile devices "that will make a difference in the world."

Larry Page back with bang as Google CEO

In the wake of a management shake-up, the Larry Page era has officially started.

Only a few days following his return as Google Inc.'s chief executive, Larry Page has been fast in setting in the tone for the manner in which he will run the Internet search giant along with a huge reorganization of his management team.

Page is now making an attempt to restore the sense of urgency and innovation that had been the main reason for Google's earlier successes, according to analysts.

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