Jon Rubinstein

Palm chief acknowledges mistakes; enthusiastic about new products in 2011

Jon Rubinstein, the head of HP's Palm division, said that Palm should have owned the smartphone market but just lost his way and eventually had to merge into HP.

However, Mr. Rubinstein was very enthusiastic about HP's plans to release several WebOS devices in 2011. He mentioned some products including a tablet computer and an all-touch smartphone.

Palm recently introduced the Palm Pre 2 and WebOs 2.0, an important OS upgrade which offers a range of opportunities for developers.


Palm CEO confident about company’s future trading

Jon Rubinstein, the chief executive of Palm, has said that company suffered revenue shortfalls due to disappointing sales of its Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, but he is confident that company would gain momentum again.

Mr. Rubinstein admitted that Palm hit a speed bump, but he added Palm had $590 million in the bank plus a plan to get back to profitability.

He also praised its webOS platform. However, devices with webOS failed to report healthy sales both at Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless.

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