David Paterson

Officials Demand Ban of Sugary Beverages from Food Stamp List

It has been anticipated that Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor David Paterson will raise an appeal before U. S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday to keep some beverages in the list that to be marketed without Food Stamps.

The nation's food stamp program is governed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. In New York, more than 8 million of the total 1.7 million inhabitants are on food stamps.


Paterson Proposes Final Budget Scheme

Gov. David Paterson has proclaimed a 4% cap on school and county taxes in his ultimate 2010-11 budget scheme. His $136 billion spending scheme also involved a sales tax to be imposed on clothing and shoes for two years.

The sales tax will permit the sale of wine in the grocery stores. In addition, the scheme will see a cost cutting in the state expenditure worth $250 million.

However, the budget proposal didn’t see any mention of beverage tax and an increment in the income tax.

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