Boris Johnson

London’s housing crisis growing deeper

Housing crisis in London is growing deeper for middle-class people as demand for affordable houses is outshining supply, pushing prices up.

Pocket Living Limited, which uses interest-free funds from the city for constructing homes and selling them for nearly 20 per cent below market rates, said that the people who are neither rich nor poor are suffering the worst brunt of the housing crisis.

Boris slams financial transactions tax as threat to London

London Mayor Boris Johnson has criticized the new tax on financial transactions (FTT), saying it would drive business out of the European Union.

Mr. Johnson also raised concerns about how the U. K. would safeguard its financial services sector after the European Court of Justice's ruling against the country's challenge to the tax, even as the U. K. is not in the euro zone.

London Mayor announces measures to improve air quality

London Mayor Boris Johnson has set a target for all new black cabs to be electric by the year of 2020, as a part of strategy to improve air quality.

According to figures compiled by the mayor's office, vehicles are responsible for 80 per cent of air pollution in Central London. Black cabs accounts for 20 per cent of airborne pollution. The air quality in Central London failed to meet European Union requirements.

Trial Project in London to Reduce Particulate Matter PM10

On Friday, the task of spraying the roads of London with a dust suppressant began as a part of a trial project, in order to control the levels of air pollution.

The project of spraying roads with dust suppressant has been launched on a six-month pilot. It has been hoped to reduce PM10 levels by 10-20%, as per London Mayor Boris Johnson.

London has approached near to violating the European Union permissible levels for particulate matter (PM10). The said pollutant is generated mainly by the engines and wear tire and brake.

London Mayor to launch cycle hire scheme on Friday morning

A cycle hire scheme will be officially launched on Friday by London Mayor Boris Johnson, in a move that is expected to transform the city into a greener and less congested place to travel in.

Transport for London is funding the scheme, which is sponsored by banking giant Barclays and operated by Serco Plc.

David Brown, managing director at Surface Transport, said that Barclays Cycle Hire would change the way members of the public move around the city.

Boris doubts housing reforms

In the mutual letter with Hackney mayor and chair of London Councils Jules Pipe, Boris Johnson expressed that they are worried about the inadvertent outcome which may begin from policy to cap narrow housing stipend, which is shelled out to private tenants.

The letter further sways a warning of inclined rent debts and expulsion, more families being settled in provisional lodging, congestion and a decrease in the total size of the private borrowed market.

It also cautions that those with less income households shall shift to less posh areas on the suburbs of the city.