Adobe Creative Suite 5 Offers 250 Improved Features

Technology can never remain stagnant. It is constantly improving and changing. Computer technology is a paradigm of the ever changing nature of the field. Change in this area is a function of demand and completion. When the demand and need for a certain product arises, companies work towards fulfilling this demand. On the other hand, new innovations are also contingent on the competitive market. In a bid to outdo rivals, companies release new products, preempting the moves of their competitors and anticipating customer demand.

An example of a constantly changing computer technology is the launch Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Adobe India's Director of Sales, Sandeep Mehrotra said, "The newly launched Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection's breakthrough interactive design tools and omniture integration maximize impact of creative content and businesses around digital workflows".

The Adobe Creative Suite is a complete package comprising Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Catalyst Flash, Professional, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and so on he said. The entire package has about 250 features.

The San Jose based company has worked hard to improve its earlier creative suite. The earlier creative suite was criticized on grounds of requiring fast processors and high capacity RAMs to function quickly. The company claims that in the Creative Suite 5, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects are now indigenous 64-bit applications on both Mac and Windows.

These changes are a reflection of the company's policy to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. It is also a testament of how the company succumbs to the desire of improving itself and keeping up with time. A company will fail to succeed if it does not keep up with changing times.

The creation of Creative Suite 5 also shows Adobe System's approach of maintaining its clientele and attracting more customers by offering them better and improved solutions.