China's Penn Museum exhibit starts

For all those, who want to go through the China's Silk Route, an exhibition has been set up at the Penn Museum. While there are doubts whether the, museum will be able to do organise it properly or not since the display is to begin from March 15.

The exhibit is about showcasing the trade routes that were used by China and the ones that connected it to the West. There are some rare artifacts and some mummies as well that are going to be showed to the public. It is said that some of the exhibit items are going to be over 3,800 years old.

Sheep smarter than thought of, says study

They have been following what is called a 'herd mentality', but the truth is that sheep are not as foolish and dumb as we thought they are. A study has shown that the animal which had been maligned till now and was considered to be dim-witted and completely selfish is as smart or may be better than many of its equals in biological classification.

The study was done by scientists at the Cambridge University and they found that when it comes to brainpower, the sheep are nothing less than their equals i. e. the rodents, monkeys and in some cases even the humans.

New type of mosquito develops

A new type of mosquito has been discovered by the scientists. It has found out to have been a member of subgroup Anopheles gambiae. This is the same group of insects which is responsible for spreading diseases like malaria and has been quite active in Africa.

The report came out in science journal, Science, where the researchers have said that this kind of mosquito is quite susceptible to spreading of parasites. It is a great matter of concern since the information about them is quite little.

It is now possible to become invisible

For all those who used to think that becoming invisible is impossible, this should be an eye opener. The thing that was once part of fiction like, harry Potter has now come to physical form, thanks to a team of scientists.

They have managed to make an invisibility cloak that can make everyday objects become invisible. As of now, it only works on objects and has not been applied on humans till now. These objects include pins and paper clips only.

Crystal Clear Idea for Invisibility Cloaking

Researchers have demonstrated a simple technique that renders objects invisible using calcite, a common crystalline material.

At the University of Birmingham David Gregory Midlands Today science correspondent demonstrated Calcite accomplishes this based on the idea of guiding light waves in such a way that waves from a hidden object do not reach the eye.

Massive Monitor Lizard Reunited With its Owners

Black-throated Monitor lizard Elmer reunited with its owners on Wednesday, after the five-foot reptile was captured roaming around a Riverside, California, condo complex.

The mild-mannered Elmer was examined by the Riverside County Animal Services before it was returned to its owner.

The massive lizard vanished on Sunday from the Casarez's condo situated on Wheaton Way while a member of its owner-family was cleaning his tank and accidentally left the security door open.