Three Rainbows at One Time!

Rainbows are loved by all. For the very first time, Paul Vasquez surprised the world by announcing the possibility of appearing more than three rainbows in the sky.

Many years ago, a technique to gauge the place where the rainbow will take place in the sky was developed by a renowned photographer, Raymond Lee, a Professor at the US Naval Academy. There have been very rare instance when there rainbows and two rainbows have appeared in the sky at the same time.

Crickets Protect Their Females, Say Researchers

Men should learn a lesson from nature and especially, from crickets who give priority to their female partner’s life in time of difficulty.

A recent research has found that male crickets like to keep their female partners in the burrow so that their safety is assured.

The research was conducted by University of Exeter in England researchers. The researchers are of the view that it is not just human who are bestowed with the gift of chivalry, it is crickets which are also blessed with it.

Graham-Cumming All Set to Restart Work over Babbage Computer

Finally, the Science Museum in London has decided to support John Graham for constructing Charles Babbage's mechanical computer. Babbage was a British mathematician and was the mastermind behind introduction of an Analytical Engine in 1837. When he was trying to launch a way for producing involuntary mathematical tables at that time, he got to know about the engine.

Shuttle Endeavour going back to its hometown

Space shuttle, Endeavour is going back to its birth place Southern California. This is the place where it was developed and built. And now, it will be kept for permanent display at the California Science Center.

The place where it is located is downtown of Los Angeles at the Science Center. This place is known to showcase some of the most impressive flying-related machines on the planet. It has got

Lockheed Corp.’s A-12, which is also known as the precursor to the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, and Lockheed’s supersonic F-104 Starfighter interceptor aircraft.

Supermoon –the guest is coming our way

On March 19th, 2011, on earth, the night sky is going be brighter as a supermoon is coming our way. And like always it has given life to the everlasting battle between Astronomers and conspiracy theorist.

Discovery goes for space movement

On Saturday, shuttle Discovery is going to perform the most spectacular performance of docking at the International Space Station.

One must remember that Discovery was the first of its kind orbiter which went ahead with its nose-over-tail backflip. It took place some 600 feet below the outpost. It is part of the new heat shield inspection procedure that helped the shuttle to flee the flight after the Columbia accident took place.