Diagnosis of brain injuries to be changed

There can be irreparable damage caused by traumatic brain injuries and what is worse for doctors and patients are that these injuries many a times can be very difficult to be figured out.

A new MRI-based tool is now being tested by scientists that brings to light the breaks these injuries leave deep in the brain's wiring and these look more like broken bones shown by X-rays.

Early birth linked to infancy health risk

According to a research, there is a higher chance of having a risk to health among babies born just a few weeks early.

This will question the existing belief that like babies who are born at full term, babies who are born after 37 weeks have similar outcomes when it comes to long-term, doctors said.

About 14,000 children were looked at for the study who were born about 10 years back and up to the age of five.

Various illnesses like asthma and hospital admissions following health outcomes were looked at by experts.

In 2012, 1.3 million EU citizens will be killed due to cancer

A new research has stated that as compared to earlier times there has been a decline in cancer deaths and in the European Union almost 1.3 million people will die of cancer.

Across the 27-country EU, a study was conducted to find out the rate of cancer deaths and it was seen that as compared to women, men were more likely to die from cancer and a significant amount of decline was seen in deaths due to breast cancer.


Too much food can lead to memory loss

According to a study, the risk of memory loss can be doubled by overeating among elderly people.

Researchers discovered that as compared to people who had less than 2,100 calories, the chances of mild cognitive impairment was more in people who consumed above 2,100 calories.

According to the findings, mind can be kept sharp by following a low-calorie diet in old age and this could further prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease.


Poor health caused due to house moves

Research has stated that frequent movement from one house to another leads to poor health in later years.

Problems like more drinking, smoking, a deteriorated overall health and psychological distress in adolescence and adulthood were seen among frequent movers, Scottish experts said.

The study was called West of Scotland Twenty-O7 Study and was carried out by researchers led by the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow for which they assessed the health of 850 people.


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