Smoking, drinking doesn’t have much impact on sperm counts

Researchers from the UK have stated that there is very little effect of lifestyle choices on sperm count and other options can also get delayed due to lifestyle advice given to tackle male infertility.

The semen quality is not affected by smoking, alcohol consumption and being obese, their study said.

It was also stated that it is better to avoid them as avoiding them was still `good health advice'.

It was however stated that a link with higher sperm levels was established with wearing boxer shorts rather than tighter underwear.

Mitochondrial disease can be treated by three-person IVF

According to a report, it is right that life-threatening disorders can be prevented by fertility treatment which creates embryos from two women and one man.

Genetic material from three people is there in children born through ‘three-person IVF’.

Children who are suffering from very severe and debilitating disorders could be freed by using this technique, the UK's Nuffield Council on Bioethics said.

The technique was cited as dangerous and unnecessary by other groups.

Enjoy dark chocolate, it is good for you

Dark chocolate is good for you and this is what scientists say as it can help in keeping heart problems and diabetes away.

It was stated that a comparison between the effectiveness of drugs and chocolates cannot be made but there are no side-effects of dark chocolates whereas drugs have side effects, depending on circumstances.

Scientists took a mathematical model to predict the effects as well as the cost effectiveness of dark chocolates. People were assessed for about 10 years.

Biggest study into Parkinson's disease by Glasgow University

The cause of Parkinson's disease will be studied by a Glasgow-based doctor and he is supposed to lead the world's biggest research study into this.

In the UK alone, about 130,000 people are affected by this brain condition.

Dr Donald Grosset, a neurologist at Glasgow University, stated that enhanced ways to figure out the disease and treat it is what he hopes to find.

About 3,000 people are needed for this study and Charity Parkinson's UK is on a look out for people who are suffering from this condition to urge them and their siblings to be a part of this study.

Lung cancer rate rises in women

According to new figures, years later the high rates of smoking among women in the ‘Mad Men’ era of the 1960s is showing after effects.

In 2009 the number of women who were diagnosed with lung cancer was 18,000, according to statistics released by Cancer Research UK.

In 1975 about 22 women out of 100,000 people were affected by the disease but now out of 100,000 women about 39 people are affected.

When it comes to high smoking rates and a rise in cancer cases, there exists a time lag of about 20 to 30 years.


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