Food taste is influenced by cutlery

Scientists have stated that colour, shape and weight of cutlery can influence the flavor of food.

Some volunteers were given white and pink yoghurt too taste and scientists saw that when white yoghurt was eaten with a white spoon, volunteers called it more sweeter and expensive than the pink one.

When volunteers were made to taste the same variant with a black spoon, people preferred the pink one.

White yoghurt tasted sweeter and better even with a blue spoon, researchers saw. A light plastic spoon as compared to a weighted heavier one also made yoghurt taste better.

34% of Americans now own a tablet: Pew

Tablet ownership in the United States jumped almost twice in the last one year, and adults aged between thirties and forties are now more likely than other age groups to own a tablet, as per a report published by the Pew Internet Center.

The report, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from April 17 to May 19 this year, revealed that slightly more than a third (34 per cent) adults in the United States now own a tablet like apple's iPad or Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

The figure represents a big jump in tablet adoption from last year's figure of 18 per cent.

Increase in the number of stays in intensive care

According to a study, there has been an increase in the number of stays in intensive care in the last month of life.

As compared to about 10 years ago, the number of people dying in hospice care is two times in hospital or nursing home. But a study states that hospice is considered as the last resort normally. It is often used by the patients and their families in the last.

Depression in women spotted easily

A new study has found that women with depression are likely to get help before men with depression as depression in women can be spotted easily.

Researchers found gender stereotypes influence public perceptions of depressed people.

When men were shown an environment of a man and a woman in depression, men were able to spot depression in the woman before they could feel that their counterpart was depressed.

Two fictitious subjects were put before participants by Dr Viren Swami, a reader in psychology at the University of Westminster, Kate and Jack.

Statins also cut down death rates in cancer patients

The rate of deaths can come down among cancer sufferers with the use of statins, widely prescribed drugs used to help prevent death from heart disease.

The growth of cancer cells is limited by the use of statins and they also make them more vulnerable to certain therapies. According to certain trials done, the bad or the LDL cholesterol is lowered by these medications among people who have a raised level and this in turn lowers the risk of dying early due to a heart disease and a stroke.

Alzheimer's can be detected years before symptoms show

In a US study it has been found that about two decades before the first symptoms are shown, the earliest signs of Alzheimer's appear.

For avoiding any damage to thinking and memory, it is vital to treat the disease in time.

There were certain differences in the brains of the people who are to develop an early form of Alzheimer's, the study stated.

When it comes to treating people, it may give more time to doctors, experts said.