Misconceptions about Benefits of Exercise for Heavy Drinking Widespread - Survey

A recent survey conducted for the Department of Health has revealed that people are unaware that while exercising might be good for hangovers and might make them go away faster, it is no cure for the damage which the body endures when one indulges in heavy drinking on a regular basis. As per the survey, nearly 1 in every 5 people interviewed in England admitted to exercising with the belief that it will "make up" for a heavy drinking bout.

Rituxan Might Slow Progress of Type 1 Diabetes - Research

A recent study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine has revealed that widely used drug for the treatment of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, Rituxan, might slow the progression of newly discovered type-1 diabetes, by preserving insulin cells. The medicine has been found helpful in interfering with the body's destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas, thereby sustaining them for longer.

Sensations on Skin Surface Play Key Role in 'Hearing' - Research

A recent Canadian research, published in the journal Nature, has asserted that sensation on the surface of the human skin plays a vital role in how people "hear" and interpret speech. As per the study, there are some inaudible puffs of air "delivered alongside certain sounds", and these play an important part in influencing what people think they are listening to.

Mental Exercises can Burn up-to 90 Calories per Hour - Research

A recent research published by cannyminds. com, and undertaken in association with mental agility expert Tim Forrester, has claimed that mental exercises like crosswords and sudoku puzzles can burn up-to 90 calories per hour, which are much more than calories in a single chocolate chip cookie (56).

Exercising one's brain for an hour can also burn more calories than those contained in jammy dodger (85), a custard cream (57) or HobNob (79). According to the study, giving the brain a thorough workout dramatically increases the calories burnt by the body.

New test may be the answer to develop Anti-Cancer Drugs

The World’s first test has been developed by Australian scientists for a technique that cancer cells use to develop. This advancement in the field may speed up the development of new types of anti-cancer drugs.

It could also facilitate blood screening for early detection of some aggressive tumors and to monitor the effects of treatment.

The advance, made by researchers at the Children’s Medical Research Institute, could speed up development of new types of aanti-cancer drugs.

Keeping the Skin "Too Clean" has its Set of Disadvantages - UCSD Research

A recent research undertaken by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, has revealed that keeping the skin too clean might affect its ability to stay healthy and heal itself, as normal bacteria living on the surface of the human skin play an important role in fighting inflammation. These bacteria help bring down the over-active responses of the immune system which could lead to rashes or result in cuts and bruises becoming even more swollen and painful.