New Firefox patch to block third-party advertising cookies

Mozilla Foundation has announced that its Firefox browser would soon start blocking cookies from third-party advertisers by default.

The move will prevent advertising networks from tracking internet users' online activity.

Advertising networks use cookies to track users' online activity to send more-targeted adverts.

While Firefox users already have the ability to manually disable advertising cookies, the new patch will enable the browser to mechanically block third-party advertisers.


Google doodle honors Ferris wheel inventor, marks Valentine's Day

Internet search giant Google on Thursday celebrated Valentine's Day as well as the birth anniversary of George Ferris (the inventor of Ferris wheel) with a single doodle.

The beautiful, interactive doodle featured two Ferris wheels in amusement park. Speaking about the background of the doodle, Google doodler Brian Kaas said, "Romance and amusement parks often go hand in hand."

American engineer George Ferris was born on Valentine's Day, February 14 in 1859, thus yesterday was the 154th birthday of this great engineer, who presented the world with a great way to make fun.


Google to give 15,000 free Raspberry Pi microcomputers to UK students

Internet search giant Google revealed in a Tuesday announcement that it is funding a Raspberry Pi Foundation project which involves the handing out of 15,000 free Raspberry Pi microcomputers to students in the UK.

According to Google, the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi microcomputers - which were launched last year - will be given free to schools in the UK chiefly with the aim of producing a new generation of computer scientists, particularly hardware and software hackers.


Google, Twitter demands more protection for user data

Internet search giant Google Inc announced on Monday that it would lobby lawmakers in Washington this year to make it harder for law enforcement authorities to access to people's digital data.

David Drummond, Google's chief legal officer, wrote in a blog post that the Internet firm would team up with many other tech firms to convince lawmakers to update the 1986 privacy protection law so that users' data could be protected.

It may be noted here that Congress observed "Data Privacy Day" on Monday.


US prosecutors charge three Europeans for creating & distributing computer virus

US persecutors have charged three Eastern Europeans with various counts for creating and distributing a virus called Gozi that infected over a million computers around the globe.

All the three men, viz. Nikita Kuzmin, Mihai Paunescu and Deniss Calovskis, are in their 20s.

The Gozi virus was used to infect computer, and steal people's personal bank information and then steal millions of dollars between 2005 and 2011.

According to the US government investigators, Kuzmin and his co-defenders pocketed at least $50 million (around £32 million) in illegal profits using the Gozi virus.



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