Patient safety a concern for thousands of junior doctors

It has been noticed that patient safety is something that one in 20 junior doctors is concerned about and especially at places where they get trained.

There was a poll conducted by the General Medical Council or the GMC which states that wards like the emergency and accident wards are the places where these doctors raised concerns about patient safety as there is a lot of pressure on doctors at these places.

It was felt by about 8,000 junior doctors that clinical problems that they are made to handle are beyond their competence or experience.

Over 2,000 women in Hereford for Race for Life

As 2000 women participated in Race for Life in Hereford Racecourse, it was painted pink this morning.

Following the event in Holmer, it is being expected that £123,000 will be raised in the fight against cancer.

About 2,125 women participated in the event and about everyone was wearing pinks and they were all set to help the cause and remember friends and relatives who have fought or are fighting cancer.

As NHS cuts cataract surgery by a quarter, elderly in for trouble

With the NHS putting strict restrictions on cataract surgery, thousands of elderly people will bear the brunt by jeopardizing their eyesight.

In 2011 in some areas, there was a decrease of about a quarter in the number of operations that the health service.

According to research by the Royal National Institute of Blind People, as compared to national guidelines, there are tougher restrictions imposed by about 50 per cents NHS trusts in England as they have set their own criteria for the surgery.

Daily limit of salt consumption can be achieved

The campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) has stated that it will not be easy to achieve further reductions in salt in foods.

In a report, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) say that despite the fact that salt content needs to be cut down in most of the foods, there are not much chances of a significant cut down of salt as only small changes to individual products are expected.

Negative state of affairs seen at a ‘safe’ NHS trust

A report after investigating two hospitals has stated that safety of patients has been compromised to a great extent.

There have been instances of patients being taken care by security guards, equipment was very old and was damaged, in A&E patients due to pain were seen fainting and this happened due to a wait of about seven hours and all this was happening at a NHS trust that was stated to be safe less than two years earlier.

Shortage of properly packaged drugs risk patients’ life

According to federal officials, patients’ health might be at risk as a shortage of properly packaged drugs is there and this could be doing this. It has been stated that vials meant for just one person might be given to more than one patient at clinics.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that there were some serious infections found among 10 patients in Arizona and Delaware and they were hospitalized for this as well. These infections took place due to clinic staff injecting people with drugs taken from vials meant for one-time use.

Lack of water claims life

An inquest has heard that after Kane Gorny was denied vital hydrocortisone medication he became increasingly agitated as this medication was needed by him to retain his fluids.

The coroner Shirley Radcliffe delivered a damning assessment of the way he was taken care of at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London, and he accused the medical and nursing staff for doing something that ultimately took his life away.

Cash-strapped health service

With an NHS trust being put into administration because it went broke made the critical condition of the country’s cash-strapped health service known to all.

It was stated by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley that the Department of Health will take care of the South London Healthcare NHS Trust and it was losing £1million every week.

Serious financial problems are being experienced by about 22 more NHS trusts; campaigners have warned and out of these emergency funds are wanted by about six trusts.

Minister accused of betrayal as death taxes unveiled

Last night ministers were charged with betraying people as it was seen that despite all their promises pensioners can still end up paying a six-figure bill for residential care.

Last year there was a figure recommended by experts about the care costs for elderly and it was indicated by the Government that it may set a cap on these costs as high as £100,000 and this figure is three times than what experts recommended.

An average person will have to do away with about 60 per cent of his assets for this. According to critics, seeing this figure makes capping the costs totally meaningless.

$2.6 billion to developing nations for family planning

In a summit that took place on Wednesday, a help of about 2.6 billion dollars was extended by rich nations and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for family planning towards countries are developing.

By 2020 it is being aimed that about 120 million women and girls will be provided with contraceptive methods and for this new funding pledges will be secured.


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