MPs say to avoid alcohol for two days a week

Clearer guidelines on drinking and every week two alcohol-free days have been called for by the MPs. This is following the UK's alcohol guidelines being followed and a report being filed by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.

Seeing the present guidelines by the Department of Health, for men it is three to four units of alcohol a day and for women it is two to three units every day.


Hospital to be sued after a girl dies like an ‘abandoned animal’

According to Paula Stevenson, following a heart surgery in 2009, her 13-month-old daughter died like an animal that is abandoned.

In the USA, there is something called rapid response team, it means that families of patients are given an urgent second opinion and Stevenson called for this to be introduced in UK hospitals also.

It was stated by a coroner that if Hayley Fullerton was admitted to intensive care then there would have been better chances of her surviving.


Depression in women spotted easily

A new study has found that women with depression are likely to get help before men with depression as depression in women can be spotted easily.

Researchers found gender stereotypes influence public perceptions of depressed people.

When men were shown an environment of a man and a woman in depression, men were able to spot depression in the woman before they could feel that their counterpart was depressed.

Two fictitious subjects were put before participants by Dr Viren Swami, a reader in psychology at the University of Westminster, Kate and Jack.


24 doctors certify patients for Arizona’s pot program

About 75 per cent of the marijuana cards issued in the state have been given a go ahead by a small number of doctors in Arizona, according to health officials, and this raises questions about whether the program is being abused.

The Arizona’s medical marijuana program started in April 2011 to June this year and about 24 doctors had certified 75 per cent of cardholders. This means that in that period, 475 doctors certified nearly 29,000 patients.


Statins also cut down death rates in cancer patients

The rate of deaths can come down among cancer sufferers with the use of statins, widely prescribed drugs used to help prevent death from heart disease.

The growth of cancer cells is limited by the use of statins and they also make them more vulnerable to certain therapies. According to certain trials done, the bad or the LDL cholesterol is lowered by these medications among people who have a raised level and this in turn lowers the risk of dying early due to a heart disease and a stroke.


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