How to Keep Yourself Safe in Extreme Heat?

How one keeps himself safe from scorching heat? The heat exhaustion makes one’s body look dull, pale, exhausted and sluggish. The excess sweating and continuous loss of water from the body cause heat strokes. It should be consider as a major health issue. It occurs during significantly higher temperature.

The consumption of loads and loads of water is the best way out. The liquids, except alcohol and caffeine products should be consumed in abundance as they contain electrotypes. Sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade serves this purpose well.

Roche has Found a Cancer Drug – Waiting For its Approval

A new breast cancer drug, an innovative approach in the drug market, has been submitted by Swiss drug maker Roche Holding AG for approval with U. S. health regulators, as told by the group on Wednesday.

Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death among women in the U. S. and approximately 15 to 30 percent of breast cancers are HER2-positive. On reaching its advanced stage, the disease spread to other parts of the body, such as to the lungs, bones, liver and brain.

Lawsuit Filed Against New Healthcare Reform

A lawsuit has been filed by Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder in federal court on Wednesday against the health care reform law passed by Congress. There have been raised eight separate issues against the reform and the withdrawal of some of its measures has been demanded.

Treatment for Rotator Cuff Still Inconclusive

A review over the published studies has revealed that the proof on the pros and cons of different surgical and non-surgical treatments done for rotator cuff tears is restricted and unconvincing. The researchers concluded that the data has been insufficient, though there have been considerable improvements in patients, with all intercessions.

UV Protection Necessary this Season

The month of July, this year, has been projected to be the hottest season, by news stations across United States; and they have further warned that an amalgamation of summer leisure with global warming can pose serious risks.

It has been cautioned that this season, it’ll be difficult to both take benefit of the bright sun, and be sheltered from burns and heat-related illness. Therefore, people may have to go for some creative and costly ways for sun protection.

Long Life can be Due to Genes

It has been recently found by the researchers that the reason for a longer life of a human being can be due to the presence of some genes in him or her. So it’s like, if we live for a 100 years, then we must have chosen our parents well.

But the study also accompanied with a caution for not letting loose our diet and exercise schedule. This research has detected a similarity between the genetic variations of those who have lived for long. But it was also asserted that with this means, it can’t be judged that for how long a person will live on this earth.

Montana's West Nile Hotspots Being Studied

Having sorted through thousands of mosquitoes, the students split the species and macerated the insects into a soft pulp and then finally began looking for genetic traces of West Nile virus.

"We're interested in learning where the mosquitoes are distributed and how the virus is distributed by those mosquitoes. We’re also looking at the birds. They're the primary reservoir for this particular mosquito”, Grant Hokit, a natural science professor at Carroll College said.

Telomeres Predict the Risk of Cancer

Lately, Telomeres, the structures that defend the tips of chromosomes, have been a burning area of scientific learning. A Nobel Prize was shared by three biologists for their telomere research in 2009.

An article showed that the regular reduction of these structures could be one rationale, as to why cells age and die. A new study by the Austrian researchers has now emerged claiming that people with shorter telomeres are more likely to grow cancers.

Older Men More Susceptible to STD’s

The benefits of erectile dysfunction drugs are well- recognized and may be binary as well.

Medical progress over the past 10 years have made it possible for older men to have the equal active sex lives, they were competent of in their youth. Unluckily, with these developments, there have been some arrests in the male populace, over the age of 40.

There is a greater probability among older men to develop sexually transmitted diseases. Normally, STDs are kept back for the younger and more sexually licentious crowds, but the fissure is slowly closing amid the two age groups.

Researchers Reveal, Delay in School Time Would Make Children More Active

A new research suggests that if the schools commence half an hour late, then the high-school students would be more active and healthy. The research was published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

The study said that it would also improve the children’s mood. In the study, the researchers focused on 201 high school students, whose school time was delayed by half an hour.

The students were also made to complete the online retrospective Sleep Habits Survey, before and after, the alteration in the time of commencement of school.


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