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Ministers Concerned About Congestion on Routes, May Increase the Speed Limit for Lorries

The Department for Transport has yesterday launched a consultation for vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes that will be applicable to roads in England and Wales.

The Ministers are planning to increase the speed limit for lorries to 50 mph. The lorries currently run at a speed of 40 mph on single carriage ways.

The move is being considered in lieu of high traffic jams on routes such as A9. Increase in accidents due to traffic has also raised concerns. The changes are expected to cut the accidents by 18% and queues will be lowered down to the size of six from the existing 18.


Study: Nearly 90% drivers crave driver-alert and driver-assist technologies in vehicles

According to the findings of a new survey carried out by market researcher Penn Schoen Berland, in-car driver-alert and driver-assist technologies are desired by nearly 90 percent of the drivers.

The survey – which was commissioned by Ford, and involved the participation of 2,506 above-18 US drivers this May – found that drivers are interested in driver-assist systems which can sound the alert to them whenever there is some vehicle in their blind spot or just behind them in the parking area.


London's Tech City growth hailed by PM David Cameron

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron's recent unveiling of an interactive map of East London's technology cluster has chiefly underscored the expansion of Old Street's "silicon roundabout", with the disclosure that there are over 600 firms in the Tech City area.

It is clear that the Tech City area has witnessed tremendous growth over the last one year, given the fact that there were only about 200 tech firms based there in 2010.


Six-Year Toil Gives Ashton Porsche 356 for Her Wedding Drive

Megan Ashton’s six-years of hard work have finally given her a new Porsche 356, which has also been tagged as the company’s first production model of the type.

Since last six years, Ashton, 26, was trying to transform the 40-year-old VW into a new Porsche 356 and, her efforts have finally given her good reward. Ashton bought the VW for nearly £200 which she later stripped down to the chassis, with the intent of rebuilding it virtually from the scratch.


Red tape still persists because of chief constables, says Theresa

Home Secretary, Theresa May asked all the police chiefs to come and join the fight against bureaucracy. She accused the forces saying that with time they have replaced their national targets with just local ones.

She also said that many of the chief constables are ordering frontline officers to just get stuck with unnecessary paperwork rather than doing just what is that they are supposed to do and the so-called 'form-filling' culture is a very hard one.



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