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Trussell Trust refutes Mail’s “self-promotion” allegation

Salisbury-based aid organization Trussell Trust has refuted the allegation that it gave out food parcels without adequate checks with an aim to promote itself.

Abbott Govt. promises to keep its election promises on pension

Australia's Tony Abbott-led government has promised that it would not break any of its election promises in the upcoming budget.

In response to Labor's challenge to keep its word in the May 13 budget, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer Steve Ciobo said it would not be easy to get the budget back on track but the government would not turn its back on its election promises.

British Cat Size ‘Super Rats’ Immune to Rat Poison

Rats in Liverpool are becoming a menace as they are growing to be as big as cats and have been developing immunity to the regular rat poisons. These rats have been generally termed as "super rats."

Since last one year there has been a 15 percent increase in the demand of rodent control and many people reported the rats to be of 'cat' size.

Wayne Indiana transforms D&D campaign into Yoga class

Artist Scott Wayne Indiana, with the help of interactive artist Eric Hagan and movement instructor Sarah Danke, transformed a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign into a yoga class.

Indiana recently announced its latest creation - Dungeons & Dragons Yoga class in Brooklyn. In the world premiere of D&D yoga, Indiana showed how he transformed common D&D activities like flipping a switch into yoga poses.

David Cassidy arrested on suspicion of drunken driving

Actor & musician David Cassidy's publicist has confirmed that he was arrested by the patrolling officers in Southern California last Friday on suspicion of drunken driving.

Seventies heartthrob Cassidy was pulled over near Los Angeles International Airport after an officer of the California Highway Patrol spotted him making an illegitimate right turn against a red light.

Cassidy was arrested after the officer smelled alcohol in the car. The 63-year-old actor was driving a rental car.

Atlanta man finishes 2,813-mile NY-to-LA trip in record 28 hrs, 50 min

A young man from Atlanta along with a two-man crew set a new record for fastest drive from New York City to Los Angeles.

Ed Bolian, 28, his co-driver Dave Black and support passenger Dan Huang set the new record by finishing the 2,813-mile trip from New York City to Los Angeles in just 28 hours and 50 minutes.

The trio used a 2004 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG for the drive. They left New York City's Red Ball Parking Garage on 31st Street at 9:55 p. m. on October 19 and arrived at Marina in Redondo Beach, California at 11:46 p. m. local time on October 20.