Sikh Council UK concerned over use of halal meat in schools

The Sikh Council UK has expressed its concern over councils' move to ban pork sausages and bacon and replace them with ritually-slaughtered halal meat.

Hundreds of schools across the UK have silently switched to halal meat for students' meals even where Muslim students are in the minority.


Purley driver jailed for ten years for killing two cyclists

A 31 year old man has been jailed for a period of ten years for killing two cyclists while he was driving dangerously.


All Primary Schools to be Included in Book Rental Scheme

Ruairi Quinn T. D., Minister for Education and Skills, has announced that all primary schools which presently operate a scheme for school book rental will now be able to gain from the Book Rental Scheme Fund of15 million which he has secured from the Budget of 2014.


Queen Distributes Maundy Coins at the Blackburn Cathedral

The Queen was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh as she distributed Maundy coins during the traditional annual royal service. A total of 178 people who were 70 years and above were given these coins as an appreciation for their work in community service as well as the church. It included 88 men as well as 88 women. Each of the recipients received one red purse of standard money along with one purse that was white containing silver Maundy coins.

This year the royal services took place at Blackburn Cathedral which is in Lancashire.


Colorado State Patrol boosts enforcement to keep impaired drivers off roads

The Colorado State Patrol will keep a close eye on drivers through Monday to discourage driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs like marijuana.

To keep impaired drivers off the roads during the Super Bowl, the State Patrol has increased enforcement alongside roads throughout the state.

Colorado State Patrol Chief Scott Hernandez said they expected an increase in cases of drunk driving as people are enjoying parties at houses, bars and restaurants throughout Colorado during the Super Bowl.



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