Pete Doherty Placed Under Arrest Again

A mere moments after walking out free from court, where he had been slapped with a huge fine over changes of drunk driving and drug possession, rock singer Pete Doherty was again placed under arrest, and it has been reported that he also faces serious charges for involvement in a hit-and-run case.

The 30 year old singer was arrested right after something that the police suspect was a "drug wrap" dropped out of his pocket, as the star was being searched by security personnel as he entered that Gloucester Crown Court.

James Cameron's - 'Avatar'

James Cameron's story with a blue-skinned star "Avatar" claims of having Vietnam-style firefights and sequel setup. Without any doubts, "Avatar" is a stupendous blend of live-action and motion
-capture animation till date.

Twilight's Taylor Lautner to Guest Host Saturday Night Live

17 year old Taylor Lautner's career seems to be going great guns, and the young star is bagging more and more as time passes. The latest achievement on the Twilight star's list is that he is going to be guest hosting America's much loved Saturday Night Live. The New Moon boy is as excited about the development as all his fans are, who will be eagerly awaiting the broadcast of the show.

For his first ever SNL, Lautner will be interviewing the sensational, globally renowned musical talent Bon Jovi.