No-Frills, Big Chills Halloween Costumes for Last-Minute Dressing Up

Halloween will soon be upon us. For those of you scrambling for last-minute costumes, here are some simple ideas that will spice up the day without soaking up all your time.

The first idea flows from the most popular trend at the moment: vampires. Edward Cullen is just one of the options. For a quick vamp-up, grab a black combination of shirt, pants and shoes, and top it off with a lot of pale powder on your face. The pièce de résistance is the hair!

Capri Anderson and Charlie Sheen Scandal

Adult movie star Capri Anderson is reportedly planning to sue actor Charlie Sheen. Mr. Sheen was purportedly found in the restroom of Daniel, a Manhattan restaurant, with no clothing on and with traces of cocaine on his person.

He was accompanied by several friends and escorts to the restaurant, where he had ordered expensive wine and vodka. Ms. Anderson left Mr. Sheen in the bathroom after he failed to pay her her evening fee.

“Charlie wanted to have sex with Capri and tried, but she stopped and demanded her $12,000. He didn’t have the money on him so she left him in the bathroom.”

French actress Cecile de France joins the Hollywood crowd With Hereafter

In Europe, actress Cecile de France is a family name subsequently to more than a decade of tough work on stage, screen and television.

At the present, thanks to Clint Eastwood, the 35-year-old is prepared to seduce American audiences. As she's not certain she's up to it.

The Belgian actress stated in a recent phone conversation from New York that she is experiencing like she felt 10 years back in France when she began her career.

Pop-star Cheryl Cole may still be friends with ex-husband Ashley Cole

Cheryl Cole, celebrity pop-star has not said ‘NO’ to her being friends with her ex-husband since she frankly spoke about the end of her marriage to star footballer Ashley Cole.

She told The Guardian that they have been officially divorced but there is still a possibility of them being friends again some day. Cole, 27, is also an X factor judge and said that she was embarrassed about the reports of her husband’s infidelity while she was the focus of media.

Waissel responds critics through her new song

The X factor finalist Katie Waissel responded to her critics by doing a remarkable performance of a classic Disney song. She was under pressure and is just 24 year old who had also got flak after going through with the live finals at the cost of Gamu Nhengu.

She was the last performer of the performance night and did a great job and won accolades from all the judges for her jazzy rendition of the Jungle Book’s “I wanna be like you” which also included dance steps.

“The Social Network” actually depicts the birth of “Facebook”

In the film “The Social Network”, the two main central characters- Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in reality depict the coming up of the social networking site “Facebook”. It is also the main point of the legal dispute which engulfs them.

The twins have presently sued the Internet site and have claimed that they came up with the idea of “Facebook” when they were studying at Harvard University. They are 29 years old and are identical twins. They also reported that they are very happy with their depiction in the movie which is very close to their personalities in reality.