Police arrests Madeleine ‘fraudster’ from a hotel

A private detective, once hired to hunt-for Madeleine McCann, was arrested from Old Bank hotel in Oxford.

Kate and Gerry, parents of Madeleine had used his firm, Oakley International to search their missing daughter.

Madeleine was about three-year old when she went missing from her family’s holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007.

He was paid £300,000 last year to make a search for Madeleine McCann but he disappeared after taking money.

51 Year Old United Airlines Pilot Booked on Charges of Being Drunk

Erwin Washington, a 51 year old United Airlines pilot, was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport on Monday on the suspicion of being drunk and has been charged with, according to the police, "being aviation staff performing an aviation function whilst exceeding the proscribed alcohol limit".

Currently out on bail, the Colorado based pilot is to appear on November 20 before Uxbridge magistrates in North-West London. United Airlines has assured that the matter would be completely investigated.

Shoplifting on the Rise in UK, Recession to be Blamed

The Center for Retail Research has put forward a much disturbing report confirming that shoplifting has hit an all time high in UK and recession is being blamed as the major cause for this surge. Commissioned by Checkpoint Systems, the report asserted that there was a rise in the "middle-class" shoplifters.

The report has put forward an interesting and distressing discovery that people are now shoplifting not to sell things, but to sustain their regular standard of living.

UK shoplifting soars during recession

Cases of thefts from shops in the UK surged during recession, says the Global Retail Theft Barometer 2009.

Figures from a confidential survey of 1,069 worldwide retailers revealed that the value of retail goods stolen in twelve months to June jumped 20 per cent from last year to £4.88 billion.

According to the survey, the UK reported the highest rate of shoplifting in Europe. Globally, the UK stood third following the US and Japan.

FSA fines Seymour Pierce £154,000 over staff fraud

London stockbroker Seymour Pierce has been fined £154,000 by the Financial Services Authority for failing to stop a dishonest employee stealing money from the bank and some of the clients' accounts.

City watchdog said Seymour Pierce could not detect a worker who stole around £150,000 from the bang and its clients' accounts in 36 different transactions.

Scotland records lowest ever crime rate in 30 years

Crime rate in Scotland declined to its 30-year-low in 2008-09, according to recently-released figures by Scotland's chief statistician. Although offending is down by 2 per cent overall, the country recorded maximum dishonesty level in past 10 years.

The incumbent government hailed the decline in crime rate, while the opposition Labour expressed displeasure over just 2 per cent decline in crime rates, accusing the government of losing control over administration.