Another Judicial Review Granted to McKinnon

The Home Secretary recently decided to allow the extradition proceedings against Gary McKinnon, the Pentagon hacker, to go ahead as planned, a decision met with a lot of criticism by a lot of people. But the High Court has now granted a further judicial review of the decision, which means that the immediate threat of extradition has been pushed back till at least April of this year.

Davies accused of committing Homicide without Premeditation

The niece of British Defense Minister Quentin Davies, Jessica Davies faced the murder trial in France on Monday accused of killing her lover during a frenzied sex game. The accused is alleged believed to have slashed the throat of a man she grabbed from a pub.

The accused, Jessica Davies, 30, is a former model, and has been accused of killing Olivier Mugnier, 24, while under full influence of alcohol and anti-depressant drugs.

UK businesses report frauds worth over £2bn in 2009

The sum of money lost by the UK businesses due to frauds cost the country more than £2 billion in 2009, a study by accountancy firm BDO revealed.

Losses from frauds jumped 76 per cent to about £2.1 billion in 2009, surpassing record losses of £1.37 billion set in 2006.

Total number of incidents of fraud reported by the UK businesses climbed from 285 in 2008 to 363 in 2009.

Figures represent the highest amount since the firm started tracking record seven years ago.

UK Police hunt for muggers who murdered a brave Indian

The murders of Sukhwinder Singh, who was stabbed to death after chasing muggers who had snatched a woman's handbag in East London on Friday, are still at large.

31-year-old Mr. Singh was trying to catch two muggers who had snatched a woman's handbag near Barking Station. When Mr. Singh caught up with the duo, he was stabbed.

He was rushed to nearby Royal London hospital where he later died.

Police issued descriptions of the two, describing them as black, aged between 20 and 30.

Britons warned against credit & debit card fraud

As many as 315,000 people are expected to fall victim to credit & debit card frauds this Christmas, a study by the life assistance company CPP revealed.

The CPP said that the number of lost and stolen cards will peak a week before Christmas and an average shopper stands to suffer a loss of more than 600 pounds due to frauds.

Speaking on the issue, Sarah Blaney of CPP advised, “It is important people protect their PIN and check receipts against bank statements.”

Six Arrested During SFO Raids over Charges of Loan Fee Fraud

As many as 6 people have been arrested during various ongoing raids by the Serious Fraud Office, over allegations that the suspects have been involved in an advance fee fraud operation, which promised property developers loans of up-to a whopping 250 Million Pounds.

As many as 19 properties as a part of the raid were searched by the SFO, with over 100 staff and police officers, at various locations across London, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Surrey.