Teenager Shot Dead in the Castro Gay Pride Celebration Event

Panic was created after three people were shot during the gay Pride weekend celebration, in the Castro district late Saturday.

In the event, a 19 year old adult, Stephen Powell, 19, was shot four times in the chest and was declared dead on Sunday morning at San Francisco General Hospital. This was informed by San Francisco Medical Examiner's office and city officials.

London Metropolitan Police arrest teenagers for involving in cybercrime

London Metropolitan Police has arrested two teenagers on suspicion of being involved in.

The police said that the 17 and 18-year-old teenagers, who were the members of the largest international English speaking online cyber criminal forum, were taken under arrest on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud and breaching the Computer Misuse Act.

Members of the forum used to buy and sell credit card details, PINs, bank account numbers and passwords.

Two Arrested In School Brawl

It has been confirmed by the authorities that two adults have been arrested, while almost 20 people have been identified in the brawl, which took place during a kindergarten graduation ceremony. The incident took place at Puesta Del Sol Elementary School according to a school district official.

NYC Car Bomb Suspect Admits Charges

Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the Times Square bomb attempt that calls him a Muslim soldier, is reported to have pleaded guilty on Monday, of carrying destructive weapons.

Mr. Shahzad's plea was widely expected and he will now spent rest of his life in the prison.

Also, he divulged all the information to the U. S. Government related to his training and contacts in Waziristan, Pakistan, with trainers dealing with explosives.

Bear Linked to a Hiker’s Death Shot Dead Near Yellowstone

Authorities in northwest Wyoming are reported to have shot dead a fearful bear that killed an elderly hiker near Yellowstone National Park in north-west Wyoming, last week.

Erwin Frank Evert, 70, was reported as found dead. The body was on recovered on Thursday in the Kitty Creek area, about 7 miles east of Yellowstone, a popular U.S. tourist spot, well-known for its Old Faithful Geyser.

The matter was uncovered after test showed that genetic material found on Evert matched the bear’s blood, posted, Chris Servheen, grizzly bear coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Couple Held With Arms Near Central Command In Custody

Reports claim that a man and woman who were carrying arms were in custody as the couple was trying to gain an access to the MacDill Air Force Base outside Tampa, Fla.

Military officials confirmed that both were armed and were trying to gain unauthorized admission when they were taken into custody. Further, the vehicle in which they commuted also had arms and weapons.

The gravity of the situation is very large as the couple was trying to access the base, which is the home to the United States Central Command and which oversees the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.