Tesco to offer Samsung Galaxy Tab for £529

British supermarket chain Tesco has started accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab that has been priced at £529.

Although the price of the Galaxy Tab is displayed at £529, yet placing the mouse over the brand reveals its initial price tag of £599. Tesco apparently slashed the price in order to compete with rivals. It may be noted here that Carphone Warehouse is also offering the Galaxy Tab for £529.

Tesco Paints a Lukewarm Picture

Tesco has announced that its underlying profits have gone up by an impressive 14%. The sales for the supermarket chain have also recorded an increase of 8%, with sales touching a value of £32.9Bn.

The boost in the sales and profit of Tesco has largely come due to lower-taxes and interest charge on Tesco.

However, a major concern for Tesco would be the continued loss of business in both the major markets of the United States and the UK. Though, business in Europe has been encouraging for the Company and Asia has also shown promise for Tesco.

Tesco to Sell Viagra at Affordable Prices

As announced by Tesco, the supermarket giant, it would soon be selling Viagra over the counter at affordable prices and without a GP prescription.

The drug will be available in the market from next Monday onwards for men suffering with erectile dysfunction. They will be able to plea for Viagra at 300 UK stores of Tesco, without the consent from a GP.

The Viagra pills are available at £55 for pack of four currently, but Tesco will be providing it at £52 for eight. It is the first supermarket to proceed with such an activity.

Chairman Wiseman under Pressure Due to Price Rivalry by Tesco

Dairy firm has issued a word of caution that the present fiscal year might witness a £7million downturn. Yesterday, the market was stunned by Robert Wiseman Dairies' warning of weak earnings.

The firm said that a £7million hit was anticipated in the present fiscal year, but it seems that the number has now increased to £16m in the next year, because of "an accumulation of margin pressures".

Tesco to launch UK’s first drive-thru store

Supermarket chain Tesco has announced that it would expand its reach further with the launch of the UK’s first ever drive-thru store at Baldock in Hertfordshire this week.

The new service will allow customers to order their groceries online and pick up their weekly shop without leaving their cars.

The supermarket giant said that the new drive-thru store would target customers who want their goods picked and packed but who don’t have the time to wait at home for delivery.

Tesco launches game trade-ins across the UK

Supermarket chain Tesco finally launched its video game trade-in service across the UK. Adverts for buy and sell pre-owned video games were published in national newspapers.
2010 FIFA World Cup on PS3 is available for just £12, while Mario Kart Wii, Alan Wake on 360 and 360 version of Red Dead Redemption have been priced at £17, £14 and £19 respectively.