Talk Talk to launch in-house YouView trial in early 2012

In a recent announcement, Broadband provider TalkTalk said that its much-delayed YouView project – which will bring video-on-demand to Freeview – will be rolled out early next year, with the launch of the in-house “friends and family” trial of the service.

According to the details shared by company, the in-house trial – which will chiefly focus on the “end to end customer experience” – of the YouView service has been scheduled for a launch in the first quarter of 2012.

TalkTalk to launch controversial anti-malware system

Internet service provider TalkTalk is advancing with its plans to launch its new internet anti-malware security technology, called Virus Alerts, despite severe criticism from the side of privacy experts and the Information Commissioner's Office.

Clive Dorsman, the managing director of TalkTalk technology, stated on company's official blog that customers who already have signed up for the programme will begin testing it in the coming few weeks.

TalkTalk join forces with Binatone to launch branded home phones

Broadband and landline provider TalkTalk has join forces with home phone manufacturer Binatone to launch its six styles of handset.

The new branded handset phones, which come in black, green, blue and red shades, are available in the market. Prices start at £17.99 and stretch to £69.99 for the most advanced model.

Tristia Clarke, the commercial director at TalkTalk, said the handsets had been designed keeping the company's customer base in mind, along with large buttons as well as hearing aid compatibility provided by some of the products.

Unbundled lines becomes more competitive than before

New figures released by telecoms regulator Ofcom shows that there are now more than 7 million unbundled lines that offer broadband connections across Britain.

Unbundled lines allow BT’s rivals such as O2, TalkTalk and Sky to make use of its infrastructure to offer broadband services to households and businesses.

The availability of such a large number of unbundled lines is a good new for consumers as it ensures broadband services at more competitive prices.

British ISPs reluctant to bear costs associated with Digital Economy Act

Britain’s internet service providers (ISPs) are protesting against the controversial Digital Economy Act (DEA) as the government made it clear that they will have to bear the burden of costs associated with the Act.

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey announced that the 75 per cent of the costs associated with the DEA will absorbed by the government, while the rest will have to borne by the ISPs. Costs will emerge typically in terms of sending warning letters to suspected digital pirates and the subsequent appeals process.

ICO reprimands Talktalk over URL scanning

Britain’s Information Commissioner Christopher Graham reprimanded country’s leading consumer ISP TalkTalk for failing to notify the watchdog regarding a malware system it was launching.

TalkTalk’s controversial system scanned the websites visited by its customers. The aim of the scanning was to help the company in detailing websites that could contain malware.

The concerned system collected the URLs of the websites visited by its customers, without notifying either the Information Commissioner Office or the customers.

TalkTalk signs agreement with Vodafone to offer mobile services

Internet and phone provider TalkTalk has hit a deal with Vodafone that will allow it to use Vodafone’s network to roll out mobile and broadband phone services to residential customers.

Under the terms of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator agreement, TalkTalk will start offering contract mobile voice and data tariffs to current customers from the autumn.

Digital Economy might come in as legal offering

BT and TalkTalk have knocked the doors of High Court for reviewing of the Digital Economy Act.

It has been stated earlier that rushing inbound towards the law at the end of parliament seemingly will raise issues for those who are affected by the outcome and this appears to be the current state of events that occur at the Digital Economy Act.

The actual scenario is just the opposite what people assume, here internet service providers (ISPs) plan to go to court in order get the law turned over.

PRS calling for music piracy levy

PRS For music shall call out in order to consider the ISPs that they must take the load to recognize the tendency at which their clientele are downloading illegal content with a charge on piracy or better term it as incentives through compensation.

The plan is that a charge on piracy shall help out along ISPs reimbursing the losses from file sharing customers. However, the broadband group in the UK, TalkTalk feels that the plan is a load of tosh as it may not be able to condemn piracy and it'll just put more twist to the customer privacy.

TalkTalk offers 12 month free broadband to new customers

Broadband bundle provider TalkTalk is offering 12-month free broadband and home phone services for new customers who sign up for its Essentials value broadband package by June 8, 2010.

TalkTalk broadband offers download speeds of 24Mbps, unlimited number of calls to the UK landlines and free customer support and a wireless router.


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