SoftBank’s reported plan to acquire T-Mobile may face serious regulatory hurdles

SoftBank, the Japan-based majority owner of wireless carrier Sprint, is reportedly in talks with Deutsche Telekom to acquire T-Mobile USA; but analysts are of the opinion that any such deal will not be possible unless the Japanese company overcomes U. S. regulators serious concerns about healthy competition.

A few days back, media reports said that SoftBank was in the `final stages' of acquisition talks with T-Mobile's German parent firm Deutsche Telekom. The reports pegged the value of the potential deal at around $20 billion.

Sprint close to acquire T-Mobile USA: report

U. S. wireless carrier Sprint may soon announce a deal to acquire rival network provider T-Mobile USA, according to fresh media reports.

As per a new report by Reuters, Japan-based SoftBank, the majority owner of Sprint, is the `final stages' of discussions with Deutsche Telekom over the potential purchase of T-Mobile.

The report explained that SoftBank has plans to use Sprint shares to acquire T-Mobile from its German parent firm Deutsche Telekom in a deal worth around $19 billion.

Sprint launches new HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo

The third largest telecom service provider in the US, Sprint has announced the launch two new smartphone devices powered by Windows Phone 8 platform called the HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo.

Sprint testing LTE cell sites in San Francisco

Sprint is testing LTE cell sites in San Francisco, one of which, cell site SF33XC664, is located high above Van Ness Avenue.

The company recently allowed a visit to cell site SF33XC664, and the visit revealed that this site provides LTE data, CDMA data as well as voice connectivity, but it lacks support for WiMAX.

Cellphone carriers see dramatic increase in surveillance requests

In a disclosure which underscores law enforcement agencies’ increasing reliance on cellphones for tracking suspects or probing crimes, a congressional inquiry has found that, in 2011, as many as 1.3 million surveillance requests were received by cellphone carriers.

According to a New York Times report, the information which the law enforcement agencies sought from the carriers last year chiefly comprised details about text messages, wire taps, and callers’ location. The carriers provided this information either because of legal orders or in emergency situations.

Sprint To Launch iPhone 5

It has been reported that Sprint will be launching its first iPhone in the mid-October. The announcement was made on Tuesday. It is believed that its initiative would boost its sales and popularity in the market. The company’s rivals AT&T and Verizon have already selling iPhones.

It has emerged that at the time when Sprint will be selling its new generation phone, at the same time, its rivals AT&T and Verizon will also be promoting iPhone 5. Therefore, as a strategy, Sprint will be selling iPhone 4 as well.

4G BlackBerry PlayBook: ‘No Thanks’, Says Sprint

The blackberry 4G Playbook Tablet, that was promised to come by January in the Sprint network, would no longer be coming in the said network, revealed Sprint.

For now, the tablet comes with a Wi-Fi version only and customers could connect that device to a Wi-Fi hotspot that uses Wi-Max like Mi-fi. Concerned authorities also made clear that the decision they had taken is declared after consulting operator as well.

RIM said they would now concentrate on LTE, a 4G technology which has more mass acceptance than Wi-Max and they would also be more benefitted with it.

Sprint and Motorola come together to launch Photon 4G

Following the period of differences between Motorola and Sprint for the past two years, both the companies are now reported to have come back together with a new project of which the maiden outcome is the Photon 4G smart-phone which runs on Android. They declare that they will be launching nearly about 10 other cell phones also before this year comes to a finish.

Sprint files papers as complaints against AT&T and T-Mobile

A petition has been filed by Sprint Communications with the West Virginia Public Service Commission, where they have asked interventions to be done in the proposed AT&T’s $39 billion buyout of T-Mobile. With this move Sprint can now formally present its arguments against the deal.

Other carriers like Sprint could also announce CDMA version of iPhone

Verizon recently announced that it would start selling a CDMA version of Apple's iPhone from 10th of February 10, with preorders starting on 3rd of February, is a great relief for those Apple fans who were frequently criticizing AT&T's allegedly poor network services.

The availability of the iPhone via Verizon will put an end to AT&T's exclusive rights to sell the iPhone. Analysts expect Verizon Wireless to sell millions of iPhones once the US mobile phone carrier starts selling them.


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