Samsung reports record profit for Oct.-Dec. quarter

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has announced that it has pocketed a record profit in the in the three months through December 2012.

Samsung, the world's largest maker of mobile phones and TVs, expects that its widely popular Galaxy range of smartphones has allowed it to make an operating profit of 8.8 trillion won (around $8.3 billion) during the October-December quarter, up 90 per cent from the corresponding period of the previous year.

Samsung continues to reign over U.S. mobile market

South Korean electronics giant Samsung continues to dominate the U. S. mobile phone market, the latest figures compiled by ComScore revealed.

In the three months ending November, Samsung grabbed 26.9 per cent of the U. S. mobile phone market. The figure represents a gain of 1.2 points from the preceding three-month period.

Cupertino, California-based tech giant Apple Inc. emerged at the second spot with 18.5 per cent share of the market. Apple also gained 1.4 points from the prior three-month period.

Apple seeks addition of six more devices to Samsung patent lawsuit

In a move which marks the latest turn in the high-profile Apple-Samsung patent-infringement lawsuit, Apple has submitted a request with the US District Court in San Jose for the addition of six more Samsung devices to the case.

Apple is seeking the addition of products in its pending patent-infringement lawsuit against Samsung. In another patent lawsuit which pertained to different patents, the jury had - in an August 24 ruling - asked Samsung to pay $1.05 billion in damages for violating Apple's patents.

AT&T to sell Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and ATIV Smart PC from November 9

In a Monday announcement, bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T made a disclosure about its forthcoming offerings, and said that it will start selling two new Samsung devices - the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the ATIV Smart PC - from Friday, November 9, at its US retail stores.

Apple ordered to re-write 'inaccurate and misleading' Samsung statement

With Samsung having drawn the UK court's attention to the fact that rival Apple has not fully complied with the last-month court order, which required it to post - on its website - a statement pertaining to its design rights dispute with Samsung, Apple has recently been ordered to re-write the statement.

Jurors in Apple-Samsung case delivered verdict after going through “meticulous” process

About the Friday verdict in the Apple-Samsung complex patent case coming within 22 hours of jury deliberations, jury foreman Velvin Hogan said that the nine-member jury panel - comprising seven men and two women - had delivered the final verdict after going through a "meticulous" process.

According to Hogan, 67, the jurors did not take any formal coffee breaks during their deliberations, and even worked through lunch breaks. In addition, their discussions on two of the three days continued for one hour longer than scheduled.

Apple-Samsung patent-infringement case set to proceed to closing arguments

The highly-profile Apple-Samsung patent-infringement scuffle will move to the closing arguments stage on Tuesday, after the presiding judge's efforts to get the warring companies to reach a resolution fell through on Monday, when - after being ordered by the court to talk to each other - the CEOs of the two companies failed to come to any agreement.

Samsung releasing Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in US, UK and South Korea

In a move which underscores Samsung Electronics' latest attempt to challenge the dominance of the Apple iPad in the tablet arena, the company is releasing its new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in the US, the UK and South Korea on Thursday, August 16.

China Labor Watch Advises Samsung on Underage Worker Investigation

In an email follow-up to its recent report on the apparent exploitation of workers at the Samsung Electronics' China-based parts supplier HEG Electronics, watchdog group China Labor Watch (CLW) has offered Samsung some advice on how to effectively conduct its investigation at the Chinese facility.

Apple asks judge to censure Samsung over document dump

In reaction to the Samsung legal team’s recent handing over to the press some exhibits - which had been excluded from the high-profile Apple-Samsung trial - to the press, Apple has informed Judge Lucy Koh of the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of California that it intends filing an emergency motion of censure against Samsung over the document dump.


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