What Happens When Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

What Happens When Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

Flight cancellation happens more often than you think, due to several reasons.

Ryanair Has Some Catching up to Do

In September a huge wave of negative publicity came the way of Ryanair the Irish airline when a traveller was charged 188 euro for flight switch when his children and wife expired in a fire in the

Disappointing third quarter for Ryanair Holdings PLC

Third quarter results are recorded as unsatisfactory for Ryanair Holdings PLC. The company has incurred a loss due to strikes and airport closures.

Ryanair Holdings PLC is a Dublin-based budget airline posted net loss of €10.3 million ($14 million), in the third quarter which is less than €10.9 million incurred last year in the same period.

OFT to Investigate Ryanair’s Shares in Aer Lingus

Over four years ago Ryanair, a discount airline, purchased shares in Irish airline Aer Lingus. The Office of Fair Trading has just launched an investigation into whether this purchase could result in reduced competition for passengers in the UK.

Ryanair now holds 29.82% stake in Aer Lingus. Ryanair’s Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary, stated yesterday that the legal case is unfounded and that the OFT—a watchdog—is “wasting time or resources on what is clearly a non-existent issue”.

OFT Brings Ryanair, Aer Lingus Deal Under Scrutiny

The minority stake of Ryanair in Aer Lingus has again been brought under scrutiny by Britain’s Office of Fair Trading. Ryanair happens to own a 29.82% stake in the Irish Airliner Aer Lingus and had made a failed buy-out bid around four-years ago.

OFT has yet again, question Ryanair, about the failed merger between the two airliners. Even though, the EU Commission had packed up investigation regarding the issue three-years ago. The EU Commission had at that time ruled that Ryanair had no de facto control over the former state airliners.

Ryanair limp profits, still on better side

According to the CEO Michael O'Leary of Ryanair, the group sees to move on with huge prospects to nurture its business throughout Europe.

Ryanair ventures are known to be the Europe's biggest discount airline, recorded a quarterly profit which has beaten the analysts' approximation and predicts that the fares may plunge up by as much as 15 percent in the recent period.