OnLive introduces ‘Plus’ version of its OnLive Desktop service

After having introduced a `free' version of its new OnLive Desktop service - for streaming a Windows 7 desktop to an Apple iPad - in January, OnLive has now come up with the service's `paid' version, OnLive desktop Plus, which comes with additional features.

Onlive is Not a “Direct Competitor” of Current Consoles: CEO

On September 22, the UK market will observe the launch of a new platform of games, OnLive, which will streams video games to user’s television from remote servers.

The games played via OnLive can be effectively played remotely with the service streaming back the video and users can access games with hardware requirements higher than their own PC's.

In addition, the OnLive also works on Mac computers and demands a minimum 2Mbps broadband speed to work although; 5Mpbs is marked as best suited.

UK: OnLive to Launch Real-Time Gaming Service

Renowned cloud gaming giant, OnLive, has announced to launch its instant-play games service in the UK on September 22.

Originally, the game service was launched in the US, during the last summer, which allows the user to play well-known titles through broadband connection without bothering user to initially download the entire game rather, the code stored on OnLive's servers and the action is streamed in real-time to the user's computer, TV or tablet device via the internet, like a YouTube video.

OnLive, Vizio planning to enter video-streaming market

Video-streaming market is getting congested as more companies have plans to jump into the arena.

Rumours are swirling that cloud video game service OnLive and HDTV manufacturer Vizio are mulling over plans to launch their own video- streaming services to rival Netflix.

As per a report published in the Wall Street Journal, Vizio has showed interest in offering video content through a subscription service. The paper cited people familiar with the matter to support its claims; however, Vizio refused to confirm the report.

OnLive hits a deal with BT to allow it to offer games with broadband

American video gaming business OnLive has signed an agreement with the UK telecoms firm BT to allow it to stream video games as part of its high-end domestic broadband package. The service will allow gamers to play bestselling titles via TV, PC or Mac, using only a small adaptor, instead of Xbox or PlayStation.

In the US also, OnLive has signed deals with a number of games publishers such as EA and Ubisoft. In the US, the service will be available from June 17th at a price of $14.95 per month.

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