Nintendo’s Black Wii to hit UK on November 6

Nintendo has revealed its plans to launch gaming console black Wii in the UK and Ireland on November 6.

Rob Lowe, senior Wii product manager, said, "We are keen to launch the black Wii in time for the Christmas sales season and this starts slightly earlier in the UK and Republic of Ireland."

The upcoming bundle will include a Wii remote, nunchuk, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort as well as Wii MotionPlus controller.

Furthermore, Nintendo will present a variety of black accessories, including the new Classic Controller Pro.


Nintendo has no plans to slash price of Wii

Recently Microsoft and Sony slashed prices of their gaming devices Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, giving birth to speculations that their recent move will make their peers to follow suit.

Microsoft slashed the retail price of Xbox 360 by £30 to £199.99, while Sony hacked the retail price of its PlayStation 3 to £249.99.

Now Nintendo is expected to respond to the price cuts by its rivals. But Nintendo is still silent regarding its future plans. Nintendo's Wii is available with a price tag of £189.99.



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