Nintendo looking to bring Unity Engine to 3DS

The Unity Engine, a tool that allows game developers to develop game apps for a variety of different platforms, will also be available for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Wii U already has the Unity Engine, which has allowed more independent developers to develop apps for the Wii U; the Nintendo 3DS still lacks it. Fortunately, the game developer has announced that it is now looking into making the engine available for the 3DS too.

At the recently held Game Developers Conference, Nintendo's marketing senior manager Damon Baker hinted about the potential of bringing the Unity Engine to the 3DS.

Nintendo admits lack of decisive software titles for Wii U

Nintendo, the world's oldest videogame company, has admitted that it has failed to offer a decisive software title capable of enriching Wii U owners' gameplay experience.

Stressing that Nintendo would have to create compelling reasons to own the Wii U game console and its tablet-like controller, CEO Satoru Iwata said, "We have not been able to offer a decisive software title that enriches the user's gameplay experience when playing alone with the GamePad."

NY federal jury finds Nintendo responsible for infringement of Tomita’s patent

A federal jury on Wednesday found videogame giant Nintendo responsible for infringement of Seijiro Tomita's glasses-free 3D technology for 3D, and asked the game maker to pay Tomita $30.2 million in compensatory damages.

The patent suit was filed by Tomita in the year 2011. Nintendo's attorney Scott Lindvall argued that Nintendo's 3DS gaming device did not use the central features of the patent owned by Tomita.

But, the federal jury in New York found that that Nintendo in deed used features of the patent in its handheld 3DS gaming device.

Nintendo of America President: Wii U first-week sales stood at 400,000 units

Announcing the debut-week sales of the Nintendo Wii U game console in North America, Reggie Fils-Aime - Nintendo's American corporate president - said that the November
18-launched game system was "effectively sold out at retail" last week.

Noting that the demand for the Wii U is "quite strong," Fils-Aime - citing the retailers' internal Nintendo sales data - revealed that the launch-week sales of Nintendo's new game system in the US stood at over 400,000 units.

GameStop: Wii U software pre-orders surpass 1.2 million units

With Nintendo's new Wii U console set to hit the US markets this coming Sunday, GameStop has recently revealed that its software pre-orders for Wii U have surpassed a rather enviable `1.2 million units' figure.

According to GameStop, which will get in 500,000 Wii U units for launch, the number of software pre-orders received for the Wii U is nearly two-fold more than those which the company had received for the Wii software before it was released.

Nintendo's Wii U coming this holiday season; pricing still remains a mystery

According to recent reports, Nintendo's Wii U handheld console - which has already been through two E3 gaming events - will probably be released in time for this year's holiday season. However, the exact launch date for the console has yet to be officially disclosed; and its pricing also still remains a mystery.

Nintendo answers skepticism about Wii U console with high-powered games

In an evident attempt to answer the widespread skepticism about its forthcoming Wii U game console - which is scheduled for release this holiday season -, Nintendo said on Tuesday that the console will feature high-powered games.

Drawing attention to new titles which will feature popular characters, Nintendo said that the games for the Wii U will largely be from some of the blockbuster franchisees, including "Super Mario Bros.," "Wii Fit" and "Pikmin."

Nintendo unveils Miiverse social network for players of forthcoming Wii U console

In a streamed pre-E3 presentation on Sunday, Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata unveiled the Japanese game company's new social network - Miiverse - which has been designed for the players of its forthcoming Wii U video game console.

With Nintendo's main E3 conference scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the company released a 30-minute video on its website on Sunday. The video showed Iwata standing in Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters below the company's motto. The motto is written in Japanese calligraphy, and its English translation means "creating something unique."

Nintendo 3DS sells over 4mn units in Japan; first paid DLC title announced

In an announcement just before Christmas, Enterbrain - which publishes the Japanese magazine Famitsu - revealed that the sales of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan had crossed the `4 million' mark; with 500,000 units of the device having been sold during the Christmas week alone!

The Nintendo 3DS witnessed a rather rough start, both in critical and financial terms, with the rather tepid customer response to the device - which was launched in Japan in February - resulting in a plunge in the stocks for the game company in July.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto: “I have no intention to retire”

Nintendo’s recent brushing aside of the widespread rumors - initiated by a Wired. com report - that its iconic game designer Shigeru Miyamoto is mulling retirement from his current post, has come as a great relief for countless gamers around the world.


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