Signal Problems in Motorola’s Droid 2

The signal problems linked with Apple’s iPhone 4, which the Company is finding unable to portray, was also witnessed by Motorola, which despite receiving a number of complaints from the users of Verizon introduced its smartphone Droid 2.

As per a report released by TechCrunch, there have been many complaints lodged by the users of Verizon against the antenna problems in Android-based Droid 2 and that too without touching it. Engadgetin examined four of the Droid 2 phones and found out the problem of continually fluctuating bar counts.

Experts: Motorola’s Droid 2 Would Sweep the Share Market

According to Morgan Stanley, the New York-based financial services, Motorola Incorporation is expected to witness a rise in its market share value after the launch of the awaited smartphone Droid 2. The sales of the newly released phone is boosting the Company’s share value along with the net profits expected for this fiscal quarter, convincing the experts as well as the investors that Motorola is one of the most lucrative companies these days.

Motorola to Launch Android based TV Tablet

There’s a news round the corner that may amuse gadget lovers. Motorola is planning to come up with tablet device on the lines of Apple’s iPad. The equipment will be run jointly with the Verizon’s FiOS digital pay-television service.

Talking about the features of the device, its screen will be 10-inch wide. It will be embedded with both front and back cameras to enable video conferencing and capturing videos or any other images. The device would run on Google’s operating system Android. It will be thinner and lighter than the iPad.

Motorola teams up with Verizon to launch digital tablet device: report

Motorola Inc. has reportedly teamed up Verizon Communications Inc. to develop a digital tablet device, which will allow users to watch television.

A report published in the Financial Times said that the new digital tablet, which will tie to Verizon's FiOS digital pay television service, will come with a 10-inch display, and will run on Google's Android operating system.

In addition, the new device will have two cameras, one front-facing camera for video conferencing, and another on the rear side for capturing photos.

Motorola DROID 2, the New Sensation

An outstanding heir to the original DROID, the next newest Android phone is the Motorola DROID 2, which is due to give Motorola DROID X a tough competition.

With no further delay, the DROID 2 is all that we can await and the users can even expect much more from the latest offering. Filling up spaces that Motorola had ignored with their original DROID, the new DROID 2 has a much improved memory management.

Following the yardsticks of the Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone, the new phone is said to have moved to its latest Froyo build.

Motorola Droid X and Milestone 2 Expected to Hit France

With Motorola Droid X already in the U.S. market, Verizon is expected to land on stores’ shelves in the country by next month. However, the questions besieging many is that when will the other parts of the world get to witness the Company’s two new smartphones.

Now, Europe has finally withdrawn all its questions, as it expected that Moto’s two new Android smartphones are on the verge of hitting Europe.

Shortage of Motorola Droid X to Last till August 4

According to a recent report, there is a shortage of Motorola Droid X, in the stores across the country.

The customers who want to buy the product can go in for home delivery. Experts have revealed that the phone will not be available at least up till Aug. 4.

Mark McKechnie, Analyst at Gleacher and Co., disclosed that there is an increased demand of the product across the country.

The Company is focusing on meeting the preorders first. These orders were placed by the customers with Verizon and Best Buy before the launch.

Motorola Files Lawsuit Against Huawei for Stealing Trade Secrets

A lawsuit has been filed by mobile phone manufacturer Motorola against Chinese competitor Huawei, who connived with Motorola’s former employees and two-way radios to steal its trade secrets.

A number of former Motorola employees, including Shaowei Pan and Hanjuan Jin, have been named in the case, who it claimed to be secretly working for the Chinese Company.

Motorola, Nokia Siemens Pursue Talks for USD1.2b Deal

Motorola proclaimed on Monday that it has been pursuing talks with Nokia Siemens for selling its wireless network equipment unit to the latter in a deal worth US$1.2 billion.

If the deal gets through, Nokia will be able to own the majority stake in the unit. With this, Nokia will be seen expanding its wings to the business markets across the U. S. and Japan.

The dialogue and the negotiations between the two giants are expected to be completed by the end of current fiscal year.

Motorola Milestone XT720 makes UK debut

Motorola’s Android-based Milestone XT720 smartphone has made its UK debut today (20th July 2010).

The new Motorola Milestone XT720, which is also known as MOTOROI, can be had from retailer Clove, which is offering the much-anticipated handset with a price tag of £381.

Other online retailers such as Play. com and Expansys are also seeking to bring the new phone to market as soon as possible with price tags of around £360.

The Milestone XT720 features 3.7-inch WVGA screen, 8-megapixel camera, HDMI output port, 720p HD video recording, 512MB of RAM as well as ROM.


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