XP still accounts for over a third of all Windows installations worldwide

Windows XP, software giant Microsoft's more than a decade old desktop operating system, is still popular and accounts for more than a third of the global installations.

According to figures released by Net Applications, Windows XP, which was released in August 2001, still accounts for 37.74 per cent of all Windows installations worldwide.

Xbox One won’t be always watching or listening: Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft has assured that its upcoming gaming console, the Xbox One, will not be always watching or listening.

The misty details surrounding the Xbox One led many gamers to assume that the Kinect component of the console will need to be always watching and listening as the ability to turn on the console through voice commands will require the Kinect to be always on.

Addressing the privacy concerns, a Microsoft spokesperson assured that the upcoming console would not act as the new Big Brother.

Microsoft to enhance Office Web Apps

Software giant Microsoft has announced its plans to make enhancements and additions in Office Web Apps, the browser-based version of the company's popular Office suite, within the next twelve months.

The Redmond-based software firm said that their main objective behind making the planned enhancements in the Office Web Apps was to enable users to create polished Office documents from the very start to finish, all from the Web.

The new features will enable real-time co-authoring of documents as well as of the apps in Android tablets through mobile Chrome browser support.

Microsoft mulling new logos for Xbox, Skype and Bing

Microsoft is considering cleaner and trendy logos for its various brands like Xbox, Skype and Bing.

The announcement about Microsoft's plans to introduce new logos, Windows Phone design studio GM Albert Shum and Wolff Olins creative director Todd Simmons at the Design Day 2013 Event, which recently took place in Norway.

The duo discussed the Redmond-based software giant's efforts to renovate its design identity. Mr. Simmons indicated that Microsoft products like Xbox, Skype and Bing would see new logos soon.

Microsoft to match Amazon Web Services in pricing

Redmond-based software giant has announced the general availability of its Windows Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS), and promised that it would match Amazon's service in pricing.

Microsoft claims that its IaaS is an all-inclusive hybrid cloud service that offers a blend of all the benefits of the public cloud and existing IT infrastructure.

Bill Hilf, General Manager for Windows Azure Product Management, wrote on the official Azure blog that customers wanted to avail all the benefits of their already made investments while also able to enjoy the flexibility of the cloud.

Microsoft to stop supporting Office for Mac 2008 from April 9

Users of Office for Mac 2008 will either be running "unsupported" software or paying for per-incident support after mid-next week, as Microsoft will stop supporting the software from Thursday, April 9.

Currently, users are getting support under Microsoft's so-called "extended support" phase. After the expiry of the extended support, the company will not deliver any free security patches.

However, Microsoft Premier Services customers will be will be able to get support, but they will have to pay per-incident.

Microsoft launches Patent Tracker Tool

Microsoft has launched a new tool to make individuals and companies aware of its entire portfolio of more than 40,000 patents, as part of its efforts to avoid patent wars in the future.

The new tool, called Patent Tracker tool, allows anybody to look into which patents are owned by the software giant. Patent seekers can also download a list of the company’s patents in CSV format.

Microsoft to launch Surface tablet in Japan in March: report

Software giant Microsoft Corp.'s Surface tablet computer will become available in Japan sometime next month, in March, according to a recent Nikkei report.

Citing anonymous sources, the report also says that Microsoft will launch Windows RT-based Surface tablet in the Japanese market. It may be noted here that Windows RT is a cheaper version of Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft to replace Windows Live Messenger with Skype on 8 April

Software giant Microsoft has confirmed that it would replace Windows Live Messenger, which was originally called MSN Messenger, with Voice over IP (VoIP) service Skype on 8th of April. In other words, Windows Live Messenger will start to be shut down from 8th of April.

Microsoft said that the process of upgrading from messenger to Skype would consume a few weeks to complete, and that messengers would find themselves unable to use the service.

Yahoo-Microsoft search deal is underperforming: Marissa Mayer

Yahoo Inc's search deal with Microsoft failed to deliver the expected market share gains or revenue boost, CEO Marissa Mayer admitted on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference in San Francisco yesterday, Mayer said that the ten-year search partnership between the two companies was underperforming.


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