DARPA awards $3.4M contract to IBM for developing self destructive smartphones

The U. S. Department of Defense's research branch is reportedly working with tech giant IBM on developing self-destructive smart devices.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded a $3.4 million contract to IBM for its "Vanishing Programmable Resources" program. Under the terms of the contract, which was awarded to the tech giant on January 31, IBM will be responsible for developing electronics that would self-destruct within seconds on receiving a command for the same.

IBM launches MQTT-based MessageSight appliance

Technology giant IBM on Monday announced the launch of a new appliance that can manage data from a great number of mobile devices and sensors.

Designed keeping the auto, traffic management, healthcare, home appliance, oil & gas industries in mind, the IBM MessageSight appliance is based on the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) technology.

IBM’s annual list of 5 predictions for next 5 years in tech

New York-based tech giant IBM on Monday released its annual list of five predictions of developments that it believes will come true in the five years to come.

The “IBM 5 in 5” predicts that a time will come when there will be no need to protect an email or ATMs with a password as machines will rely on a users’ personal biometric information to provide access only to the right person.

IBM Develops a Microprocessor an Imitation of Human Brain

IBM claims to have developed a microprocessor, which is an imitation of the human brain. The new device is capable of storing new information by itself in the same way like a human brain does.

The developers of the device believe that with this development the technology will be able to learn about things. The leader of the project Dharmendra Modha, of IBM, revealed that they were trying to create a device, which possessed the features of the human mind like emotions, awareness about things, sensation and cognition.

IBM Predicts the End of PC Generation

The designers of the first IBM Personal Computers (PC) reveal that the era of the personal computers will be soon coming to an end with the advancement of technology. The engineers of the first PC stated their prediction while celebrating the 30 th anniversary of the IBM PC’s.

Researchers have made functional integrated circuit

Today Wireless communications has stepped forward and made the announcement that researchers have created a functional integrated circuit. The size of circuit is smaller than a grain of salt.

Yu-Ming Lin, an IBM researcher who has helped in leading the circuit has said that the circuit is a broadband frequency mixer.

The newest mixer comes in the list of the most fundamental and important circuits. It is specially known for wireless communication devices and equipment.

Apple to overtake HP, IBM soon

As per the CEO of research firm, Forrester, George Colony Apple will soon be able to overtake IBM and HP. And this has been able to happen because of its robust growth.

While talking to Bloomber, he said that Apple is going to be bigger that IBM next year and the year later they will surpass HP too.

George also predicted that eventually Apple is going to be able to earn close to $200 billion as revenue and its post sales growth will be rising by 50 per cent in the next 2 years time. This kind of demand will be fueled by that for iPad.

Chipmaker ARM extends collaboration with IBM

British chipmaker ARM has signed a deal with IBM to extending their partnership on next generation semiconductor technologies.

ARM and IBM have been cooperating with each other since 2008 on a variety of 32nm and 48nm processors. The recent deal will allow them to continue their alliance in the field of 14nm chip manufacturing.

The latest deal will help the duo to produce smaller as well as faster chips that will not consume much power. Smaller and faster chips are in high demand for the next generation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

IBM’s Watson defeats top two Jeopardy champs in practice round

Technology giant International Business Machines' (IBM) supercomputer "Watson" on Thursday defeated the top two all-time champions of the popular quiz show Jeopardy in a practice round, triggering debate if artificial intelligence is greater than the human intelligence.

Watson's victory brought a great sigh of relief for IBM researchers, who have been making hard efforts to create computers that can efficiently imitate human intelligence.

IBM predicts holographic phones and air-powered batteries

People will be able to view 3-D images of persons calling them from their smartphones within next five years, technology firm IBM predicted.

According to the IBM’s annual “Next Five in Five” list of innovations, future technology will allow engineers to fit 3-D and holographic cameras into smartphones that will allow users to video chat with 3-D holograms of their friends and relatives in real time.

The potential technology is expected to prove very beneficial to demonstrate a medical procedure or to exhibit mechanical repair jobs.


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