The Beatles 'bigger than Jesus' on Google

An analysis of the search terms revealed that the Beatles have outshined Jesus in terms of popularity on the Google search engine.

During September, more people searched the rock band on Google than Jesus, the son of God.

However, during the past twelve-month period more people searched for the son of God as compared to rock band.

It is worth mentioning here that over 40 years back late Beatle, John Lennon was slammed by Christians for claiming that his Beatle rock band was more popular than Jesus.

Google pays homage to HG Wells

Google has provided an explanation for its recent love-affair with UFOs.

The California-based Internet giant said Monday that it was paying homage to HG Wells, a British science fiction writer who was born on September 21, 1866. HG Wells, who wrote "War of the Worlds", is considered the father of the science fiction.

Google said, Wells "encouraged fantastical thinking about what is possible, on this planet and beyond."

Another UFO on Google’s home page

It seems Internet giant Google takes pride in puzzling its users.

Google has bamboozled its users again by displaying another picture of a UFO on its UK home page. This time a flying saucer was shown hovering over crop circles.

Many crop circles were shown to spell 'Google', with a piece of farm machinery, most probably a tractor, completing the letter 'L'.