Google missed the boat on rise of social media: Eric Schmidt

Google Inc.'s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has admitted that the company missed the boat on rise of social media when he was the chief executive officer at the world's leading Internet search engine operator.

Confessing his mistake, Mr. Schmidt said in a recent interview that the company was busy working on many other things at a when it should have paid heed to a social networking service.

Google Play Music All Access users invited to buy Google Glass

Tech giant Google Inc has invited users of its All Access music subscription service for purchasing its wearable computer Google Glass.

The Google Glass is a high-tech wearable computer that is worn like a pair of glasses. It allows users to relay messages and make phone calls via their smartphones. This eyewear device also allows users to capture photos and record videos. In addition, it can run mobile apps like "Glassware".

I completely missed the boat on social media: Eric Schmidt

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has admitted that not anticipating the rise of the phenomenon of social networking was the biggest mistake he made.

Mr. Schmidt confessed that he completely missed the boat on social media service while he was the chief executive officer at the world's leading Internet search giant. But, he assured that they were not going to do the same mistake again.

Google’s robotics buying spree continues

Waltham, Mass.-based Boston Dynamics is the eighth robotics firm that Google Inc. has acquired in the past six months.

Google buys robots giant Boston Dynamics

Tech giant Google Inc. has confirmed that it has acquired Boston Dynamics - the maker of some of the world's most sophisticated robots, including "BigDog" and "Atlas".

Founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert, Boston Dynamics best-known four-legged robot BigDog can carry heavy loads of several hundred pounds, even over rough terrain. It is perfect for use in combats and relief works. In 2008, Boston dynamics had posted a video of BigDog on Google popular video-sharing site YouTube. The video had gained more than 15 million hits.

YouTube makes live streaming available to all verified accounts

Widely popular video-sharing service YouTube has confirmed that it is opening up live streaming to all verified accounts.

Confirming the move, YouTube said that anyone with a verified YouTube account would now be able to stream live videos to the Web. Users will also be able to launch a Google+ Hangout on Air straight from the YouTube Live events manager. Therefore, they will be able to have an easier access to their followers on the Internet search giant's social network.