Google appoints Susan Wojcicki as new YouTube CEO

According to a Reuters report, Google has appointed Susan Wojcicki - a top executive from the company's advertising business - as the new CEO of its YouTube business. Wojcicki, who is one of Google's first employees, will replace Salar Kamangar.

The terms ‘Google’ and ‘ethics’ quite contradictory to each other

Just a few days back some reports suggested that tech giant Google Inc bought artificial intelligence (AI) firm Deepmind for $400 million, and that part of the Deepmind deal was to create an artificial intelligence "ethics board".

Though Google often boasts that its motto is to "do no evil," yet seeing "Google" and "ethics" in the same sentence will definitely be quite startling for many. The tech giant's behavior over the past few years makes the phrase "Google ethics" a contradictory term.

Google to sell prescription versions of Google Glass

Tech giant Google Inc recently announced it would start selling prescription versions of Google Glass through its new Titanium Collection.

The move aims at meeting the requirements of those who are in need of prescription lenses, as well as of those might just want to get a new look.

Google patents technology for ad-based taxi service

Tech giant Google Inc has been awarded a patent for ad-based taxi services that will provide people free or discounted taxi ride when they are heading to an advertiser's business location.

According to the tech giant's patent application, filed with the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office, the new Google technology will allow companies to advertise a deal and then provide consumers a free or discounted taxi service to get them to their destination.

Protesters stalk Google’s self-driving car engineer

Continuing their protest against the increasing dominance of tech giant Google, a group of people in San Francisco on Wednesday blocked in a Google employee at his house.

The group, possibly the same one that last month attacked a bus full of Google employees, shown up to the house of Anthony Levandowski - the leader at Google's self-driving car project.

Google working on smart contact lenses that will detect blood sugar levels via tears

Diabetics may in the future be able know their blood sugar levels without getting their fingers pricked as Google may soon enable diabetics to detect high and low blood sugar readings through tears.

The new project, co-founded by Google’s Brian Otis and Babak Parviz, aims at creating contact lenses for patients of diabetes that will check their glucose levels through tears from the eyes.

The smart contact lenses will contain a mini wireless chip plus a tiny glucose sensor positioned between two layers of soft contact lens material.