Facebook loses 600,000 UK users in December

Widely-popular social networking platform Facebook has reached its saturation point in the UK and will now suffer contraction in its user base, figures released by social media monitoring firm SocialBakers hinted.

According to newly released figures, Facebook lost around 600,000 users in the UK in December, giving a strong hint that the social networking site has reached its social limit in this country.

Nearly 1.86 per cent of the site's 33 million users in the UK did not log on in the final month of last year, showing that several are beginning to lose interest in the network.

Facebook to remove voting from its site governance structure

Facebook is apparently set to implement the new versions of its Statement Of Rights And Responsibilities (SRR) and Data Use Policy; after its Tuesday announcement of the official, audited results of the company's last voting on `site governance' policies.

With less than 1 percent of the Facebook users participating in the site governance vote - 589,141 users opposing the changes, and 79,731 users supporting them -, Facebook said that the outcome of the vote gives it the ability to remove the voting mechanism from its governance structure.

Report says Facebook Powerball hoaxer, Nolan Daniels, is software engineer

According to the Savannah Morning News, which first highlighted the story of Facebook user Nolan Daniels who recently posted a photo of his fake Powerball `winning' lottery ticket, the Facebook Powerball hoaxer is a software engineer who co-owns Arizona-based medical software firm N2 Technologies.

Daniels - whose full name, as per the report, is Nolan Ryan Daniels - generated a lot of excitement last week when he posted a picture which showed him holding what he claimed was the `winning' Powerball lottery ticket.

Obama’s presidential election victory image breaks all-time Facebook ‘Like’ record

With social media playing a notably important role in the US presidential elections, President Barrack Obama's re-election on November 6 broke the all-time `Like' record on the Facebook social network.

Soon after Obama's presidential election victory was announced, a picture posted on the President's Facebook page showed him hugging his wife Michelle. And, within barely one day of the post, Obama's victory image had already fetched more than 3.5 million `likes.'

Facebook running small-scale retail test of new ‘Want’ and ‘Collect’ buttons

With the `Like' button on the Facebook social network being used widely by Facebook users all over the world, the company has plans underway to bring a few new buttons, including a `Want' button and a `Collect' button.

Facebook, in collaboration with some of its partners, has already kicked off a small-scale retail test of the `Want' button; with seven of the company's retail partners - including Pottery Barn, Victoria's Secret, and Neiman Marcus - having added the `Want' and well as the `Collect' button onto their list.

Facebook launches its online gift service – Facebook Gifts

In a move which marks Facebook’s foray into the Amazon-dominated e-commerce arena, the social network recently announced the launch of its new online gift-giving service - Facebook Gifts.

Launched in collaboration with nearly 100 partners – including Starbucks, 1-800-Flowers, and Magnolia Bakery -, the new Facebook Gifts service will essentially give the over 950 million users of the social network the ability to exchange gifts from their profiles.

Google likely to dethrone Facebook as biggest earner in US display ads in 2012

According to the projections recently shared digital advertising research firm eMarketer, Internet search giant Google will probably dethrone popular social network Facebook to become the top-notch earner in US display ads in
2012; and will, in the process, fortify its dominant presence in online advertising.

Facebook releases new iPhone and iPad apps; transforming into “mobile first” company

In an evident attempt to address Facebook users' grouse that the social network's apps for the iPhone and iPad are clunky as well as sluggish, the company released new versions of apps for the popular Apple devices on Thursday.

Facebook: Over 955 million users, 543 million mobile users

During its earnings report for the 2012 second-quarter, social networking giant revealed that the total number of its monthly active users is now more than 955 million; with the number of daily active users being 552 million; and that of monthly mobile users being 543 million.

Judge in Facebook 'sponsored stories' lawsuit recuses herself

In a one-page court filing on Wednesday, U. S. District Judge Lucy Koh, in San Jose federal court, recused herself - without giving any specific reason - from the privacy class action lawsuit involving Facebook's `Sponsored Stories' feature.


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